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  1. bflbob

    O/T: FUNNY I Can't Believe This Inner City Substitute Has To Deal With This!

    Key & Peele: Substitute Teacher - YouTube
  2. bflbob

    WEB/DIGITAL The Internet is for LOSERS!!!

    Those of us who were at the last gathering at RK's office and recording will see a certain irony in this Facebook post. :wasntme-sign::wasntme-sign::wasntme-sign::wasntme-sign::wasntme-sign:
  3. bflbob

    Sidewalkers Caught on Video

    Some days I worry about what we have become.
  4. bflbob

    OFF-TOPIC Grinding the Crack: Aereodynamics Tested by Mammoth Balls

    Jeb Corliss " Grinding The Crack" - YouTube
  5. bflbob

    OFF-TOPIC Old Deer Signs In To Our Senior Living Center

    Many of you know that one of the lines of business the company I work for owns is Senior Living Centers. Here's an interesting thing that happened when a deer checked in this week... Wild deer causes commotion at Granger senior living community
  6. bflbob

    O/T: FUNNY The Grass is Always Greener... // Media » Short Film - Dinner Date Pretty funny!
  7. bflbob

    WEB/DIGITAL Great Savings on Products to Aid Flood Relief

    I don't usually pitch much on this forum, but I think this is both a great deal and a great help. Many of you are aware that we've been hit with a horrible flood in this area. Here is a chance to help yourself, while you help our area. A couple of brothers from my area - John and Matt Rhodes...
  8. bflbob

    OFF-TOPIC 9/11 Boatlift -- 500,000 Saved in 9 Hours

    Amazing video on what can happen if people act instead of plan.
  9. bflbob

    OFF-TOPIC Flooding in the Northeast

    I thought you guys might like a look at some of the flooding near our house in upstate NY. I'll add them as they upload. Basically, the problem, aside from record rains, is that the DEC has prevented the dredging of these small streams in order to save the trout that they have to stock every...
  10. bflbob

    OFF-TOPIC Air Swimmers -- I Wish I had Thought of This One! Introduced on ComicCon, this looks like a HUGE hit!
  11. bflbob

    MARKETPLACE NAMS -- Network Affiliate Marketing System

    (Posted in Fastlane Marketplace) I'm sitting here at a conference in Atlanta, learning all about Niche Affiliate Marketing. There are several GREAT speakers here, and the selling is pretty limited. Got to gab to Lynn Terry of for quite a while yesterday. Spent yesterday...
  12. bflbob

    REAL ESTATE This Should Help Increase My Occupancy Rate -- NOT!!!

    Please... quit helping me to death. News from The Associated Press
  13. bflbob

    Derek the Savant
  14. bflbob

    OFF-TOPIC Amazing 3-D Copier -- You Have to See to Believe!
  15. bflbob

    OFF-TOPIC Hockey News: Binghamton Senators Win Calder Cup

    Sorry, Jon. Had to brag a little bit, although I'm not a hockey fan. Binghamton beat Houston tonight in Houston. Bob
  16. bflbob

    WEB/DIGITAL Did My Google Slap Matter?

    Well... obviously, it did. But maybe not as much as I thought it did. Here are the non-paid results from Google Analytics for one of my sites: 2011-06-07_1607 - bflbob's library There aren't a ton of visits, but it has shown a nice steady increase in activity. Now, here are the same stats...
  17. bflbob

    WEB/DIGITAL De-indexed by Google x 100

    OK. There's a first time for everything. This was a first for me. I have been going the autoblogging route for a long time now. I knew Google didn't like it, and they were dropping posts from indexing on my sites after about 7-10 days. But those 7-10 days were working well, and there were...
  18. bflbob

    WEB/DIGITAL Getting Slammed by Google Farmer

    I'm starting to notice the downside of Auto-content blogs all of the sudden. Image: 2011-05-25_1547 - bflbob's library The update occurred back in March, and yet my sites grew in rank during April. But this month, they are tanking. In April I had 25 sites on the front page... now it is only...
  19. bflbob

    OFF-TOPIC Lightning strikes twice.

    Watch at about 28 seconds, and a bit later.
  20. bflbob

    OFF-TOPIC Could Your Message be Better??

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