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    Problems integrating mailchimp into free wordpress theme?

    Sounds like your on the free hosting plan. Mailchimp requires a paid subscription on wordpress.
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    Anyone here need help with their copy.

    Wow. This thread is an emotional rollercoster for me. Depressing. I'm waiting for the books to be delivered. None at the library and I lack an ereader. That sounds hopeful. I've read how to win friends and influence people. That's the app. I used to get it down. I have no idea what the...
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    Anyone here need help with their copy.

    yes. I even had to block you to help my mindset. No. I was already questioning my abilty to write copy. If it is a must have skill for entrepreneurs. Then I may never be an entrepreneur. On the other hand if there are successful entrepreneurs who suck at copy. Then I have a chance.
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    A great example of survivor bias

    Any one who posts about their success here without posting about their failures or failures of their competitors.
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    "New Study Destroys Malcolm Gladwell's 10,000 Hour Rule"

    I like that. Path 1 is how most jobs advertise. X years in finance. Rather than taking on new deals,learning M&A etc. I disagree it's about personality type. I'd say it's about goal setting and knowing which goals to set.
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    What's Your Problem?

    Lack of revenue. That's why I want to exchange my labour for cash. Or build a product and sell that.
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    BOOK “Give and Take” by Adam Grant

    Finished this last night. I found there was far too little dry data for my tastes. Few data and directions on being otherish givers. The most significant for me is that average people can identify givers, takers, fakers and the like from looks. Since I have prognosia(face blindness)...
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    Anyone here need help with their copy.

    That's the most disheartening thing I have ever read. I'm questioning my ability to ever write copy. It's one thing to learn another feather in the arrow. If it is a must have skill and impossible for me to acquire. That's it. I will never manage.
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    Anyone here need help with their copy.

    Damn it. I was so pleased to dumb it down to grade 7. Where can I learn to write at a 3rd grade level? I added in a bunch of emotional words too. Well what is copywriting selling if it's not a product?
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    OFF-TOPIC Does anyone else find social media boring?

    Then why would you add them as friends? This is what completely confuses me about it.
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    NOTABLE! A fundamental question for any entrepreneur: What do I want from my business?

    I'm sure I want a lifestyle business or multiple ones.
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    OFF-TOPIC Does anyone else find social media boring?

    Yes. If you want to be my friend then come round and talk. Or email me. We should all swap emails. Forums are sometimes counted as social media 1.0 as opposed to 2.0 Reddit has the hot topics. Others can influence what you which is social media like. But you also have controversial opinions...
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    Fast lane idea from falling off scooter

    Problem solved. One or two wheels is daft.
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    Disconnect between perceived value and real value.

    Wow! No point on spending the money to build a SaaS/Plugin. Or to maintain it. Plus tech support. When you can sell a newsletter at the same price. Taking even more of the profit. Due to the lower cost of supply.
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    HOT TOPIC what tasks or activities do you do again and again, day in and day out, that you wish you didn't have to manually fiddle with?"

    I have built this now. No sales interest yet. All emails with an invoice attachment are automatically downloaded into a Google drive. Then logged onto a spreadsheet for ease of access. Renaming would be a future or premium version.
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    HOT TOPIC Why is there not more healthy fast food chains?

    Ah I was thinking of cooked healthy food. Why wouldn't anyone just buy banana and cashews from the supermarket?
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    HOT TOPIC Why is there not more healthy fast food chains?

    How about bell peppers? Totally handholdable. Empty and stuff. Then eat like an apple. Or cut in half and turn in to a healthy pizza. They smell incredibly like pizza. 9g carb on the pepper. How about turkey & feta flavour? Kale, ricotta and egg?
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    HOT TOPIC Why is there not more healthy fast food chains?

    There are plenty of healthy wraps. That can be held in two hands. Or an oven cooked vegeburger. Or a cold jacket potato. Or a sandwich. A Cornish pasty. In the traditional manner. Not the high fat,corn sryup American cheese & onion pastie. Will you order it 2 hous ahead of time though?
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    SELL ME SAT Forum Self-Promotion Opp: Offers, Links, Your Biz, More (November 2019)

    Website design and deployment for sale. Discount for fastlaners or friend of fastlaners.

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