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  1. rjrobbins2

    Customer Scheduling Struggles for Field Service

    I run a mobile auto glass business that has 3 trucks running on each day doing installs all across the Kansas City metro. KC is the third largest metro by size in the US and we cover an area is about 60 Miles North to South and another 60 East to West. We are struggling to meet the customer's...
  2. rjrobbins2

    Dating when you are bootstraping and broke.

    Has anyone ever dated in an attempt to find a partner when you are living at your bare minimum such as driving a 2001 Toyota with a big dent on the side, living in a tiny apartment, and looks like you are really truly broke and failing at the game of life? I know people will say that anyone...
  3. rjrobbins2

    Local Service Businesses - How to Get More Customers

    I am curious to hear from people who have grown a local, service-based business into Fastlane worthy endeavor. I posted about my new role in this thread which is a mobile auto glass business. My cousin has grown it in its current size by word-of-mouth only. No advertising and no online...
  4. rjrobbins2

    EXECUTION Auto Glass Business - Path to scaling up

    I posted about this is one of the other subs and they mentioned it I should post about it here so I can update everyone and discuss execution. My cousin started a mobile auto glass business 12 years ago. He has grown it into a six-figure business by word-of-mouth and providing a valuable...
  5. rjrobbins2

    The importance of Google Maps My Business profiles

    One thing I have seen a lot of small businesses not do is to create a full, detailed profile for their business on Google that shows up on Google Maps. This doesn't apply to digital-based businesses but for brick and mortar or services businesses, this is one of the best free services...
  6. rjrobbins2

    Anybody in the Auto Glass Business? My new endeavor.

    I am curious if anyone on the forum is in or familiar with the auto glass business? My cousin has owned a locally-operated auto glass business for 13 years. He has been asking me to come work for him managing the business for 3 years now. I have been hesistant because he has zero business...
  7. rjrobbins2

    OFF-TOPIC Any MLS fans on the forum?

    I am curious if there is any fellow MLS fans on the forum? I am a Sporting Kansas City fan and have been going to games since the very first one in 1996. I have been a season ticket holder on and off since then as well. Who else follows the league and who do you support?
  8. rjrobbins2

    INTRO Joining the pack from Kansas City

    I just finished reading Millionaire Fastlane after having it on my to-read list for years. I regret waiting so long as the book said exactly what I needed to hear. I have talked about trading 5 days for 2 days and how wrong it was for years. It usually falls on deaf ears as people have just...

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