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  1. MrPawter308

    Best MJ DeMarco Quotes?

    "Every person who enters your social circle is a potential road. The road could be a road to ruin, or a road to winning" - MJ DeMarco "compound interest to grow wealth, akin to rearraging deck chair on the Titanic" - MJ DeMarco "I could be dead and my books would live on" - MJ DeMarco "The...
  2. MrPawter308

    RANT Has Trade with China helped or hurt the US?

    As an ethic chinese whose family was uprooted generations back, China's ascend seems so distant yet familar.. In the university which I attend, the majority of students are ethnic chinese from Indonesia, Myanmar, Thailand & Malaysia. They are able to communicate in their native tongues...
  3. MrPawter308

    In this difficult time, what are the best ways an 18 year old can earn money though side hustles?

    Where in south asia are you from.. Maybe you can provide a product or service unique to your locale?
  4. MrPawter308

    MEETUPS 2019 Singapore Meetup

    Hi Ocean Man, I would be keen to join!
  5. MrPawter308

    HOT TOPIC Warren Buffett... your thoughts?

    Hi, I was wondering what your opinion on Warren Buffett is? Does Warren Buffett follow the "CENTS" framework in amassing his fortune? Or was he at the right place, at the right time & doing the right things? - Control lies solely on the due diligence of his investment strategies.. - Barriers...
  6. MrPawter308

    INTRO Student from Singapore

    Yes, I am keen on getting to know more people on this forum :fistbump::thumbsup:
  7. MrPawter308

    INTRO Student from Singapore

    Greetings from Singapore. In my early 20's and graduating within the next 6 months. I have read the Fastlane Millionaire and I was so impressed that I was encouraged to signup for this forum. Thank you MJ. Currently, I run a small business trading collectible watches and work part-time in the...

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