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  1. NMdad

    Needed: SAAS subscriber agreement

    Hey, Fastlaners, I've built a SAAS MVP for the 1st of a few clients who've asked me to build it. Basically, it's a web portal that lets their clients/users see the details of the projects the company is working on for the end user. My SAAS doesn't store the client's info, but is a conduit: I...
  2. NMdad

    HOT TOPIC Are you ignoring the gold right in front of you?

    Are you: Starting your entrepreneurial journey? Feeling like you haven't YET figured out a way to make money? Does either of these describe you? "I hate my job & want to quit--but I don't know what business to start." "I've worked a bunch of jobs, but want to start my own business." Are you...
  3. NMdad

    No ideas? No opportunities? Seriously?!

    One thing MJ complains about in Unscripted is that people want simple, no-fail, step-by-step plans for easy riches. Wouldn't that be nice--something so fail-proof? Attractive? Yes. Realistic? No. The book title itself tells you there's no silver bullet to wealth creation. So, do you: Have...
  4. NMdad

    From prototype to ...?

    Longtime lurker, first time poster. :) For an existing outdoor/recreation product, I've hacked together a prototype that's basically an add-on feature to the main product. (My prototype is an electronics thing--I'm not really an electronics guy, but the prototype works & does what I want)...

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