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    INTRO I've read Unscripted

    @MJ DeMarco I just read unscripted finally!!!
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    Yowzers... 2 steps forward 1 step back

    Hey Fastlane Team, It's been a short time since I posted or even visited the site. I got caught on a rabbit trail after reading the 10x book although that book is good, it has nothing on Fastlane Millionaire and Unscripted. Definitely learned that I am not that pushy sales guy. Haha, I even had...
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    High Ticket pricing for program

    Thank you so much!! You touched on a lot of points that I need to take in consideration. I feel that I have way better understanding and I can get right to work on this.. I am speechless because you helped see more value than I originally had in mind.. A thousand thank yous
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    High Ticket pricing for program

    Good afternoooon Fastlane!!! Since 99.98% of the fastlane team doesn't really know about my fastlane journey. I have created and developed an addiction recovery program that will be used in government agencies such as probation and parole. Along with my program books, I include an 8-hour live...
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    EXECUTION Project was completed and executed

    Next update.. Execution phase one complete (Developed an instructor course for my program) I learned how schedule linked in posts to try and cure some of the obscurity in my life with my program. I currently have 2-3 posts scheduled per week for the next 3 months. I also have 30 posts scheduled...
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    EXECUTION Project was completed and executed

    Thank you for the reply.. I will take that into consideration. This is just the launch to build awareness for the moment. But I do agree with you on working it out
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    EXECUTION Project was completed and executed

    Over the past few months Inhave been creating my program. There has been a lot of down time and a huge amount of energy going into this. I'm just getting started but here is my current thinking. I am in the process of building awareness. I have revamped my LinkedIn page and created a FB page...
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    First COLD EMAIL example (lets impact the lives of millions!!) Over time of course

    I understand exactly what you're saying. Maybe they just received a promotion or celebrated 25 yrs.. Thank you for that, I will also keep that in mind as I work through my email.
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    First COLD EMAIL example (lets impact the lives of millions!!) Over time of course

    Also thank you for the congrats on sobriety... I celebrated 8 years in January
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    First COLD EMAIL example (lets impact the lives of millions!!) Over time of course

    Thank you for the guidance, I will take this into consideration. I feel like I had good content and you organized it professionally. Thank you. Would you happen to have any suggestions on where I can learn this technique more in depth?
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    HOT TOPIC Do you know what this is without me saying? (Kickstarter campaign)

    Is the product holding the barbell to the bar?
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    Straight lines courses

    I thought you were referring to straighterline college courses...
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    First COLD EMAIL example (lets impact the lives of millions!!) Over time of course

    Hey Fastlane Team, I am looking for advice, suggestions, comments, guidance and some direction with the following Cold Email example. How can I improve this? Subject Line: Encourage U + Drug Court = Long-term Recovery Dear Dr. SXXXXXXX My name is Anthony Frankmore and I am the program...
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    Business model

    Thank you very much!!! I appreciate that
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    Business model

    Two quick questions: Can someone break down a business and revenue model? Everytime I think I have it understood my mentor throws a wrench in it and makes me question everything. Second question: if a gov agency oversees a specific program my business targets should I work with the government...
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    HOT TOPIC What wins did you have last week? What would make this week a win?

    Wins Last Week: Completed a first year financial projection Learned exactly how much I need to execute to meet my annual financial goal Learned that the total cost to produce my program is less than $20 with a retail price of $170.00 Win for this week: Organize my business structure and...
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    As for myself, my business idea first came about 2 years before my execution and before I read Fast Lane Millionaire. After reading the book, I made the decision to execute my idea. My initial idea has went through many different changes before I made the decision to turn it into an actual...
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    I almost, always read most of your responses. This is the first time, I think I read your first action.. That first step you took, seems so easy lol but I am sure you had many frustrating days when you started out
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    How analogies drive effective messaging in business. What are some that have changed your way of thinking?

    I am very much the same way. I use the plant analogy for health, personal growth (I grew up in an agriculture environment).
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    NO idea where to post this...... Financial projection 1st year

    I am looking to develop a sales plan with a financial projection for my first year. what can I do to make sure my numbers are realistic and i'm not just sitting here guessing and assuming. It would be great if I can sell 8 programs in one month 6 months in, but for my first year is that an over...

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