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  1. Bugs Bunny

    Networking with my target market

    I signed up for the annual event held for my target market. Any tips on quickly getting to the bottom of market research when interacting with people? I want to learn as much as I can about their business and find their problems. I know Google uses one question when their employees interact...
  2. Bugs Bunny

    Mailing List

    I am planning to contact IP attorneys by email to setup a phone call to talk about their business for a possible SaaS product. I did a Google search for mailing list broker for IP attorneys. I found out that the market is big enough for my target income. The mailing list broker is selling each...
  3. Bugs Bunny

    INTRO Hi

    I am a software developer. I have over 10 years experience building web applications. I read MJ's book few years ago. I am currently working on building a SaaS business.

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