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  1. TimTheCoder

    The dilemma: quit or persevere?

    I have been working on this web app for a few years, that I started as a coursework project when I was in school. It is a quiz app that makes assessment more fun and engaging for students. After 1 year of working on it full time, I'm now starting to make £1-£2K per month (£500-£1K profit)...
  2. TimTheCoder

    Bringing on a cofounder, years later?

    Ok hopefully you fastlaners can share your thoughts on this :) I've been working with a marketer for a few months, he's been helping me improve my product and given great feedback, which I've implemented. One of the major breakthroughs has been a change in the pricing model, which has seen a...
  3. TimTheCoder

    HOT TOPIC 20 years old, planning to quit uni and move to Thailand to work on business

    So I just finished second year of uni. Didn't do great, as I really haven't been interested in the stuff I'm learning and spent way more time working on my business than revising lol. I'm now on a placement, working for 1 year before I'm expected to go back for final year. But I don't think I'm...
  4. TimTheCoder

    Have I killed my business? (Trademark Infringement)

    Yesterday I received an email from someone about a trademark infringement. We are in the same industry and our names differ by 1 letter. However, when I registered the domain name they were not around. Their site seems to be quite new while mine is almost 2 years old and has a few blogs and...
  5. TimTheCoder

    Anyone with experience selling software to organisations?

    Hi, Someone has approached me from a large organisation and asking about using my web application in a corporate setting. They want to be able to use it having the data stored within the organisation so they can use proprietary content in the app. I was thinking of selling a copy of the...
  6. TimTheCoder

    HOT TOPIC How do I stay motivated at university?

    Hey everyone, I'm 20 years old in my second year of university and I really don't like it, just the learning method sucks. I'm a programmer and I love building things, not sitting in a lecture theater listening to a professor talk through the same slides he's used for 10 years. Absorbing as much...
  7. TimTheCoder

    Sound big or sound authentic?

    Hey everyone, Just a quick question. If you're the only person behind your business, do you use words like "we" and "our" to sound big and professional? Or do you be real and use words like "I", "my", etc. I keep questioning this all the time, my business is in educational technology and all...
  8. TimTheCoder

    INTRO 19 y/o student, programmer and entrepreneur

    Hey everyone! This might be a long post and I apologise. My name's Tim, I'm a programming nerd, and I just finished my first year of university (studying computer science). I have recently finished reading TMF and Unscripted which have really opened my eyes to what's possible in life. I'm super...

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