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  1. Colin Panarra

    RANT Why I hate the podcast trend and watching Youtube

    It looks like podscribe here mainly solves a need for podcasters and advertisers through having them sign up for a subscription service. This is on their about page: "We now are a small (and quickly growing) team dedicated to using transcriptions to help both podcasters and advertisers!" Like...
  2. Colin Panarra

    EXECUTION Humble Beginnings !

    I love the link to the terminology and idea. I might change it to Freeways for urban based on the wikipedia link you gave and change urban interstate to local highways. City centers might work too. I'm just trying to think of a way to word it without being too vague or too wordy. Every bit...
  3. Colin Panarra

    EXECUTION Humble Beginnings !

    I would consider Rural as highways and interstates that only have on and off ramps and some rest stops. Urban I'd consider going through towns themselves where you could just pull into a restaurant for example. I see how this could cause confusion and might clarify that on the home page. I'm...
  4. Colin Panarra

    EXECUTION Humble Beginnings !

    I really appreciate the feedback! :) I got all my information for legal speed limits from this site here | GHSA but I'll try to look more into some states and their county highways if possible as time goes on. I also agree about calling them highways because we do the same thing in New Jersey...
  5. Colin Panarra

    EXECUTION Humble Beginnings !

    It's live! After spending an entire month exactly I've managed to learn enough HTML5 and CSS3 to make this website happen. I'm buzzing right now, can't wait to start making websites for people. Thanks to my brother I might even have another website to make to add to my portfolio and make some...
  6. Colin Panarra

    I Have An Interesting Curveball

    Why should 700k discourage you? That can easily be your long term goal if you set smaller ones in front of you. Make a goal for this month such as to make 3 sales or something. Use each small goal to build towards your end goal. One step at a time.
  7. Colin Panarra

    EXECUTION Launched my own clothing line (in less than 7 days)

    My own quick opinion on the website is that the background has a bit much going on especially for a minimalist t-shirt brand. The colors of the nebula clash with the prices especially. Maybe put them in a box like the "select options" button below. That said I love the attitude, keep striving...
  8. Colin Panarra

    INTRO 21 year old college student

    Welcome and good luck! As a fellow college student it's an exciting time for us, let's make the best of it :)
  9. Colin Panarra

    EXECUTION Humble Beginnings !

    I don't want to give too much away but since I'm almost done I'm not too worried! It's a collection of information about speed limits and flows of traffic across the country. When I was on a roadtrip to visit my brother I kept wondering hmmm how fast could I go and not have to worry about...
  10. Colin Panarra

    EXECUTION Humble Beginnings !

    I haven't posted or been on the forum in a while due to being busy with school, soccer, learning new skills, and making a new website to try to get passive income. With the end of this first website approaching I figured it'd be interesting to create this thread as my starting point. It'll just...
  11. Colin Panarra

    INTRO Just Finished TMF

    Hi there everyone. I just finished Millionaire Fastlane and after visiting the forum am excited to be a part of this incredibly encouraging community. At the moment I am transferring colleges and changing my major from physics to computer science. When I told my brother @jpanarra about this...
  12. Colin Panarra

    GOLD! I've Read The Millionaire Fastlane!

    My brother Jason recommended I read this and I'm glad he did. As a college-student I feel like this book is a real game changer for me and it has already made an impact on my attitude in life.

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