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  1. Glargster

    EXECUTION Accepting the Status Quo No More - My Path to Fastlane by starting off as a Web Designer to Quit My Day Job

    Amazing Thread to begin the week! Thanks @Capitalist_Cat!
  2. Glargster

    GOLD! My Candid Personal Story on Why You Can Never Take It Easy (An Ode to Discomfort)

    Thanks for sharing your story, and for the lessons on deterioration and growth. Also, thank you for the excellent reading sugestions! It made my day better!
  3. Glargster

    OFF-TOPIC Bought a house , time wasted.

    I do only electric maintenance, and some basic hydraulics (like changing the shower or the tap). I live in an apartment building, so I don't have too much to do. Showers and taps are very simple. All you need to do is close the water, so that you wont flood your house (oh noes!) As for...
  4. Glargster

    Time to start reading intensely

    Interesting selection. I'll look them up! I'm going through something similar. Still on the slowlane, I'm pursuing new skills to freelance and then open up a bussiness. If I could make a sugestion, it would be pace! Your brain takes time to absorb new knowledges. So learning must be, like...
  5. Glargster

    feedback on my app idea

    I follow several YouTube channels, and most YouTubers make money by selling merchandise. Maybe they can also benefit from easydigitalize. You can offer then full access to test your application, and then market it for you with their subscribers. Very professional website!
  6. Glargster

    INTRO Joined 6 years ago, but Introduction nonetheless.

    One of the main reasons I'm here is this mix of feelings. You described how I feel. Somedays I'm king, others I'm a mere pawn. Thank you for your reply! It brightened my day!
  7. Glargster

    INTRO Joined 6 years ago, but Introduction nonetheless.

    Thank you man, for sharing. I'm struggling to change my mindset, to become an entrepreneur. I feel like the world would swallow me whole, and so, I'm stuck into a slowlane job. I'm reading USCRIPTED, and I'm coming here for inspirantion. You have successfully lived over 6 years without a job...
  8. Glargster

    NOTABLE! Easy = Sales. How Easy Is It To Do Business With You?

    Awesome wiki page! Thanks! Another great example is Uber, specially when we talk about travels. One of the great challenges when going to another city is transportation. Uber solves this problem by just demanding the destination, and automatically reading your GPS position. In some places...
  9. Glargster

    INTRO Heading towards mediocrity, destined to change my path.

    Thank you, Branko, for telling your story! I'm also new to the forum, having just finished TMF. I hope to hear more from you as you progress through the challenges of finding your own path! See you around, Glargster.
  10. Glargster

    INTRO From Brazil With Love

    Thanks, @MJ DeMarco! Just started Unscripted. Let's see were it leads! :D Thanks, @Tiago! Appreciate the coment.
  11. Glargster

    INTRO From Brazil With Love

    Good evening everyone, nice to meet you! Throughout my life I've had it easy. Born from a slowlaner single mother, I was bread to be one myself. Although I hated studying, and despise being a master procrastinator, my mom was demanding. As such, I've been a fast learner all my live, and for...
  12. Glargster

    INTRO You're from where??

    Glargster, from Santa Catarina, Brazil.
  13. Glargster

    GOLD! So if you are born poor in a 3rd world shitpool, can you still make it? My Story.

    My God man! You are inspiring! Thank you so much for sharing your story! It was awesome reading! I hope you are doing all right! :D
  14. Glargster

    GOLD! I've Read The Millionaire Fastlane!

    Read the book! Very well written, the book is an excellent behavioural analysis of how society, and people in general, work! Working right now to start creating my business systems right away! Thank you very much, MJ! :D

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