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  1. halfstepdown88

    HOT TOPIC I'm "Officially" a Millionaire Now

    If I take all my bank accounts, assets, and minus all debts, I'm now a millionaire. I'm at right about $788,000 for income for the year and have over $100,000 coming in next month, so I should make a million dollars in profit to myself before the end of the year as well, which would be 1...
  2. halfstepdown88

    NOTABLE! $2.18 Million in Income & $632,842 in Profit in 2019 My 1st Year in Business, with Lyme Disease AMA

    2019 was an intense year - I had to buy out a shady business partner for $50,000, had to prevent the biz from destructing from and fire a narcissistic VP of sales, and I've had very harsh up and downs with Lyme disease. I feel like I should have made a million in profit, but I know I'll hit...
  3. halfstepdown88

    MEETUPS Phoenix Area Work Spots and Meetups

    I live in Tempe off of Southern and McClintock and do a lot of work from home right now. My business I started October of 2018 is growing and if I just had the same sales as I've had this month I'll make about $600,000. I'm in the solar industry. I was wondering what are some of your favorite...
  4. halfstepdown88

    INTRO $55,000 in One Month - How I've Risen and Fallen Over & Over

    In 2016 I made $55,000 in one month. I did over $200,000 in 9 months. This was the lowest paying company in that industry as well. If I worked for a different company, that would have been around $750,000 in 9 months. Then I lost everything. ----------------------------- My Story: Grew...
  5. halfstepdown88

    Testing the Demand for a Supplement

    Hi everyone, I don't have a business and am completely new to everything. I want to combine 5-HTP with Vitamin B6 (supplement) to help people with depression, anxiety, sleep, mood problems. With the supplement, however, I'd provide a lot of information on top of it to make the offer a...
  6. halfstepdown88

    TJ's Journey from Nothing

    I come from a rough background. Poor, abandoned by family, bad friends, moving all over, etc. It took me quite some time to get to where I am today. Now that I've gone this far, it's only natural to keep going and fulfill the dream of having my own business/businesses. In fact, I wouldn't...
  7. halfstepdown88

    Teaching People how to Talk to Psychiatrists --> Make Money?

    With many ideas randomly going throughout my head the past few weeks, here is one I just recently thought of. Will it be fastlane? No. Will it get the juices flowing and teach me some skills? Yes. My idea is an eBook teaching people how to effectively talk to their psychiatrist. Time and...
  8. halfstepdown88

    Seducing Latinas, Giving, and Crappy Blogs

    I'm currently in the process of way too many options. Everything from importing/exporting (inspired by Vigilante) to wanting to get my feet wet simply by hustling craigslist (inspired by RichKid), starting an online business, creating a product, becoming a copywriter.. There seems to be way too...
  9. halfstepdown88

    Stranded but equipped with the only thing I need

    Hi everyone, my name is TJ. I can't let go of the idea of being an entrepreneur and will pursue it until I get it. I believe the number one most important thing is to have the desire, and I have that. A little background: Grew up confused as hell. Had a lot of things happen in my life such...
  10. halfstepdown88

    OFF-TOPIC Podcasts Advocating Fastlane

    Does anyone have any specific recommendations for podcasts I can listen to that have helped you develop your fastlane business? Listening to a podcast in the specific area of your business would be idea (ex: software development) but I have no idea exactly what path would be best for me. I...
  11. halfstepdown88

    Is it Possible

    Is it possible? I can't get rid of the burning idea in my head that it is possible to become free. To own my own business or even freelance, to be able to travel, to be able to live in Peru for a month, to study traditional medicine in China, to do a weeklong retreat of silent meditation...

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