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  1. Roughneck

    EXECUTION It finally came to me... (My first sales !!)

    Hi Everyone, I have been lurking around these forums for quite a while, in the background - taking in all the great information being posted up here. I was trying to figure out my next career move. "Start a business, start a business, start a business" was all I could think about constantly...
  2. Roughneck

    New Business. Need Honest Feedback.

    Hi Everyone, Need some honest feedback on my website. I started a website selling performance parts for particular classic BMWs in Australia. At the moment, I am in the process of gaining more stock and getting everything lined up to provide a range of servicing products. I have made 4 sales...
  3. Roughneck

    Website for Car Enthusiasts - Anyone do similar?

    Morning (Well, is here is Australia!), Over the past few months, I have found the need for a website providing car parts for a particular model car that has experienced a steady increase in value due to popularity over the last couple of years. There is a lack of supply here in Australia for a...
  4. Roughneck

    Sending Freight

    After some help. Looking at it importing products from California, USA to Sydney, Australia. I have negotiated with two potential suppliers who are both in CA. Wanting to send a pallet with a mix of both companies goods. Can anyone recommend someone (or what services I should be seeking) in CA...
  5. Roughneck

    Platform Building & Design - Get onside with a Developer?

    Hi everyone, I am currently researching an idea that I had come up with a little while back. It's not anything new here in Australia but I have found the market to have very few competing companies within the same market place - and of those that are, only a very small number actually have well...
  6. Roughneck

    Is PPC a must?

    I am currently looking into a potential business idea, it's basically an online platform connecting customers with business owners in a niche industry. With my current research, there seems to be a market for my idea along with the fact that the whole industry is expected to double in size in...
  7. Roughneck

    EXECUTION Cleaning Business in the Oz

    Hi Everyone, I have posted up a couple of times in other threads asking for help and guidance for not only some self improvement but really getting the wife's cleaning business off the ground. I've really got interested and involved in the business and can really see a potential here for...
  8. Roughneck

    Feedback on website - Cleaning Sevices

    At the moment I am helping my partner get a local cleaning business into motion, it has been established and has carried out a few jobs but looking to sustain some long term, reoccurring work - both residential and commercial cleaning. I am looking to do Adwords campaign shortly to see if we...
  9. Roughneck

    Custom Made Beanie?

    Hi Everyone, I've been searching through a few threads already and have had no luck. Looking for some guidance as I am new to the area of clothing for one of my latest ideas. Through my current research, I have found a particular design of beanie non-existent in the market here in Australia...
  10. Roughneck

    INTRO Think I've hit the slow lane!

    G'Day Everyone, First time on this forum and have already read some very inspirational posts! Which has given me the motivation to really put my story out on the forum tonight, as I've slowed down in life somewhat lately. I'm 32 y/o with my wife being 29. We currently have a 5 y/o girl (with...

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