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  1. rjrobbins2

    OFF-TOPIC Buzzfeed: Tony Robbins accused of sexual misconduct

    This didnt start with the internet, it only became more widespread. This is a human problem, not an internet problem. People run with assumptions and draw conclusions on very little evidence. People love drama and they love to feel superior to others. It is one of the reasons why I vowed to...
  2. rjrobbins2

    OFF-TOPIC Buzzfeed: Tony Robbins accused of sexual misconduct

    Yeah, you can cherry-pick pieces like that. But, the fact remains that Buzzfeed News has put out solid pieces and have some great journalist. You can cherry pick from any organization shit like that including CNN and Fox News. Check out some stories from this list.
  3. rjrobbins2

    OFF-TOPIC Buzzfeed: Tony Robbins accused of sexual misconduct

    Despite much of the shitty content they put out, their news arm is actually pretty good at times and excellent at others. In fact, they have done some damn good journalistic work in the past and broken stories. They have some of the best written journalistic pieces of the last 10 years in my...
  4. rjrobbins2


    I would definitely consider moving. LA is crazy expensive. While it would be hard to live on 1K pretty much anywhere. You could move to a midwestern city for less than half the cost. For example, Kansas City is 60% less than LA for living expenses. If you want to build a digital agency, it...
  5. rjrobbins2

    GOLD! The MAIN difference between someone who makes 100k /year and someone who makes 1m?

    As MJ said, it is scale and mathematics of the business. But, I would also add desire. I know plenty of people who had successful businesses who could have scaled into a 7 figure business but they didnt want to add to their plate. Their six-figure incomes were more than enough for them and...
  6. rjrobbins2

    HOT TOPIC The next Big Thing is quietly being assembled by Google...

    You may be right but from what I understand from current and forum Google employees I know is that the amount of things they dont ever release is incredible. They are continually working on new projects and the fact that they give their employees antonomy to create means that something could...
  7. rjrobbins2

    O/T: HEALTH What supplements do you take?

    I am sorry but it is silly to say that ALL supplements are a scam. Yes, a lot of it is but there are plenty of studies showing that quality supplements for people that need them can vastly increase quality of life and health. Based on the different diets around the world, most people are...
  8. rjrobbins2

    Beware Those Offering To Hire You Too Easily - Meeting A Psycho For Coffee

    While I do not support MLM in anyway, this is not true. The people I know who make full-time incomes including two millionaires from MLM do so from selling the products. They have a handful of people under them but they dont push for people under them or even ask. They let their success speak...
  9. rjrobbins2

    EXECUTION How does my new site look?

    I like it so far, it is simple and easy to read. Are you going to be adding to it because although it is clean, it seems incomplete. What did you use to build it? I would suggest putting more space between your menu items in the right hand corner. They seem jumbled together a bit. I would...
  10. rjrobbins2

    EXECUTION Auto Glass Business - Path to scaling up

    It has been about three weeks since my last update, so here we go. We have seen improvements but also still have struggles. Improvements/Progress 1) We have more work coming in. I am in the middle of running numbers, but we have been busier the last couple of weeks and we are pulling in...
  11. rjrobbins2

    Google Chrome bookmarks experiences

    I strongly urge you to go into Bookmark Manager and export a copy of our bookmarks regularly. I have had my Chrome Bookmarks revert back to an older version including once it went back a year. I try to go in and export a copy every week or so because I bookmark a lot of stuff. I like Toby...
  12. rjrobbins2

    NOTABLE! Audiobooks - Reclaiming your time

    I also want to mention that libraries usually have large amounts of audiobooks on disc and many have large digital libraries too. Plus, there are both Libby and Overdrive which give you access to thousands of audiobooks with a library card. I also suggest The Great Courses and A Very Short...
  13. rjrobbins2

    NOTABLE! Audiobooks - Reclaiming your time

    I avoided audiobooks for a long time just liked I did ebooks. Then, I listened to World War Z which has a full cast and was completely sold. It kind of spoiled me though and the narrator breaks or makes the book. I often start listening to some and quit because the narrater just doesn't have...
  14. rjrobbins2

    HOT TOPIC Anybody reading fiction??

    I do find a lot of older classics to be disappointing. A lot of it is build up and high expectations. I also agree that a lot of what is released today is better. It is much like movies, TV and music. People can more easily get their work out in front of others so people who had barriers in...
  15. rjrobbins2

    NOTABLE! Lex DeVille's - How I Bought a $4k Laser and Started an Engraving Side Hustle for Free (super easy)

    I completely agree there and you are right on the mark with those comments. I just wanted to clarify and I guess that was more pointed at that poster rather than you. I didnt want him to mess up his qualification by thinking it was okay to pursue if he is in that process. Lots of people miss...
  16. rjrobbins2

    NOTABLE! Lex DeVille's - How I Bought a $4k Laser and Started an Engraving Side Hustle for Free (super easy)

    It is not a good idea to open up new lines of credit when applying for a mortgage. Changes in your credit, even opening new lines can initially cause your score to go down. Also, it increases your debt-to-income ratio so hypothetically, adding that payment could cause a person to go from 40% to...
  17. rjrobbins2

    NOTABLE! Lex DeVille's - How I Bought a $4k Laser and Started an Engraving Side Hustle for Free (super easy)

    Thank you. The community point is definitely important. I think it is something a lot of people overlook when researching products. In today's culture, that is the quickest way to learn and solve problems. I am glad you brought that up.
  18. rjrobbins2

    Is reselling fiverr services a good ideia?

    While it isnt a bad idea completely, you will lack control over the quality, revisions, and delivery time. While I am usually satisfied with the services I buy from Fiverr, I know that it can go poorly which isn't a big deal because I rarely spend more than $25. But, you will resell so you...
  19. rjrobbins2

    HOT TOPIC Should I learn copywriting or programming?

    Yeah, I think we are on the same page. I can tell from your posts that you are just fine. I am also not talking about a quick email in a back and forth exchange but rather something more broadly sent and formal. Carelessness just irks me. For example, I run an auto glass company and I edit...

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