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  1. valérian

    EXECUTION A young man preparing his backpack on the road to success

    Hello, Valérian, recently 17. I have big ambitions and I know that nothing happens by chance, you have to get to work and accept the delayed gratification. During the last few months, I tried to set up habits, and I failed because I think I was not committed enough to them. I am thinking...
  2. valérian

    INTRO Do i have the time? Same if i am 16 i feel like no...

    Hi ! I made this post to introduce myself. Valérian, 16 from Belgium. I was a big "gamer", bad at school (always bad in school, I don't understand why they teach me such things that I will never use in my life) until the first covid quarantine. My first reaction when I heard on TV "School...

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