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  1. NMdad

    First Mini Exit and Retirement on $500k. Possible?

    If you're both similarly stuck, you might consider: Asking what someone else would do to grow a business like yours. For example, some Jay Abraham-style strategies--he's got a knack for identifying opportunities.
  2. NMdad

    Getting in touch with property management companies' decision makers

    A couple ideas: Find out what they want, and give it to them. You'll need to know more about them and their day-to-day to be able to identify what you could offer. And what you offer might not have anything to do with water damage restoration. Talk to homeowner associations. The larger ones...
  3. NMdad

    How do you find the market's/people's needs without talking to them? (let's say for example within the field of programming)

    You absolutely need to talk with people--online forums and chats will only give limited info. The gold is in the actual conversations, typically little nuggets that people drop--especially where there's strong emotion around something. Also, targeting a specific industry niche is preferable to...
  4. NMdad

    EXECUTION An Excel Course?

    VBA is indeed cool--I use it all the time for client projects and for building Excel-based products. As a non-programmer, it was helpful to take a course on VBA for Excel so I could get the basics. Then--like any new skill or domain--it's a matter of consistently working on new incremental...
  5. NMdad

    Is anyone a sql guru?

    I've worked with Microsoft SQL Server for ~20 years (good lord, has it been that long?...). What exactly do you need to do? SQL is fundamentally different from most other programming languages. And, there may be database-like tools that might let you do what you need--without needing to learn...
  6. NMdad

    30 Day Trials? ...for a SaaS

    I like your idea of the 2nd month free--if you feel compelled to offer anything for free (which I don't think is always needed). The other thing to consider is that requiring payment--where nothing is free--acts as a filter to screen out bargain-hunters who often suck support resources and/or...
  7. NMdad

    OFF-TOPIC Killed by yellow jackets

    Holy moly! Glad to hear you're OK!
  8. NMdad

    NOTABLE! I'm a Doctor Who Has COVID-19. AMA

    Agree--that's part of the problem. So most of us--myself included--fall back on summarized content, which may or may not be accurate. A question I find useful in evaluating a source is: Who stands to benefit? Specifically for the U.S., who stands to benefit by fomenting internal discord in...
  9. NMdad

    NOTABLE! I'm a Doctor Who Has COVID-19. AMA

    Yes, we all need to evaluate the veracity & skew of the content we consume & are fed: LibGuides: Fake News, Propaganda, and Bad Information: Learning to Critically Evaluate Media Sources.: Identifying Source Bias A quick guide to news outlets' rated on their reliability & opinion skew (see...
  10. NMdad

    NOTABLE! I'm a Doctor Who Has COVID-19. AMA

    Um, consider the source: Swiss Propaganda Research - Wikipedia
  11. NMdad

    NOTABLE! I'm a Doctor Who Has COVID-19. AMA

    Unless I missed it, that article has no info on transmissibility of COVID by children (full article here). Current research suggests that younger children transmit COVID at lower rates than adults, but that older children & adolescents have transmission rates similar to adults: COVID-19...
  12. NMdad

    Can any recommend an easy and inexpensive CRM?

    Upvote for Pipedrive, super easy for managing prospective leads and/or projects, categorizing them into different types, saved queries/searches, etc.
  13. NMdad

    GOLD! Ask Me Anything About SaaS ( I'm building my 7th )

    Excellent, thanks--good to know I was on the right track. Next question: How to manage a developer when I'm not a developer? I feel like I don't know what I don't know--or what I need to know. How would you recommend managing a developer? I'm thinking something like: daily updates from the...
  14. NMdad

    One big idea or small assets that generate passive income ?

    Agreed. A few other questions to ask yourself: Do you want to provide something big vs. something small? E.g., jet engines vs. hand cream? A lot of small purchases can be a large business if the market is large. How fast can you acquire customers? What niche do you already have expertise in...
  15. NMdad

    GOLD! Ask Me Anything About SaaS ( I'm building my 7th )

    Hey, Jason! I've gotten significant interest/validation for a B2B SAAS concept from a handful of my consulting clients, and want to hire someone to develop the web app. I'm not a software engineer, but have solid SQL & VBA/vbscript skills, and have a working knowledge of HTML. My goal is to...
  16. NMdad

    What is the best project management tool?

    Yep. I tried Jira but found it nearly incomprehensible & extremely cumbersome to configure. I use ClickUp, which is similar to Asana, but I believe ClickUp has more ways to view things. My projects are mostly related to client-based software & support (bugs, support issues, development tasks...
  17. NMdad

    GOLD! Ask Me Anything About SaaS ( I'm building my 7th )

    Chili vs. pad thai. That analogy is spot on. What's your chili? Also, you might be able to be in a sizable sub-niche. Using the chili example, Texas chili is completely different from New Mexico chile. There are often problems in a sub-niche, and solving those could give you an inroad to the...
  18. NMdad

    EXECUTION SAA(H)S: From Idea Extraction To Paying Customers

    You can pursue architecture firms, but my point still stands: every one of us has worked in and/or has had exposure to industries, and that experience gives us a perspective that allows us to uncover gold nuggets within those industries. So, if you're "just" a student, consider: what do...
  19. NMdad

    EXECUTION SAA(H)S: From Idea Extraction To Paying Customers

    You might be able to get a SAAS idea that way, but it might be more fruitful to look at the gold that might be under your feet right now: HOT TOPIC - Are you ignoring the gold right in front of you?
  20. NMdad

    Are Microeconomics and Statistics Any Useful For Market Research?

    Agree with comments about the value of understanding microeconomics for running your business. As for statistics, it depends: Probabilistic & expected-value thinking can be incredibly useful--especially for deciding whether to pursue opportunities. Advanced statistical methods (e.g...

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