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    "My life became richer the day I stopped chasing passive income"
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    Is it actually true as MJ claims that starting a business doesn't require much capital?

    I don't get how MJ can say that you don't need much money to start a business when there are literally businesses that absolutely require capital to even get started. (Whether from your own money or investors). Starting an internet company is not the same thing as a manufacturing company. Where...
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    I'm an idea retard, how to alleviate the problem?

    I think I'm retarded when it comes to ideas. I can't think of much business ideas. I've only got one idea. And yet I still struggle to come up with more. I understand the concept about focus but not all business ideas are exactly suitable for everyone to tackle that meet the C.E.N.T.S...
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    OFF-TOPIC This could be the next facebook

    This will be a social media platform like no other. It's quite a neat concept. It basically puts all the features of different social medias and functions of a website into one. Check it out!
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    How to learn how equity crowdfunding works?

    Hello, I'm new to the equity crowdfunding world, I've searched for hours on the internet and so far I can't find anything that comprehensively explains how it works. Like I don't understand what valuation cap, discount, pre money, post money valuation, means. I also don't know if this means my...
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    HOT TOPIC Dave Ramsey being asked how to get rich

    Here in this video we see an average Joe asking Dave Ramsey how to get rich and his response: View: Clearly not what made him rich in the first place.
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    Considering to work for a startup vs entrepreneurship

    I am thinking that I should work for a startup first rather than take the full leap of entrepreneurship as an alternative. Because truthfully the odds are stacked against me. This whole idea of postponing college to save up money to buy some random business I have no skills or industry knowledge...
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    HOT TOPIC “Chat” Suggestion For MJ DeMarco

    Hey I've been thinking that you should create a discord server for the insiders of your community. It would really make getting the insider option way more appealing.
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    Is this a good way to invest?

    No this is not the stock market. I'm talking about investing in private companies through equity crowdfunding.
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    Is it possible to buy your way into a C.E.N.T.S business?

    I have came to the conclusion that I cannot come up with anything original or innovate at all. Neither in conceit or execution. I'm vastly ignorant about business anyway, so I figure that it's probably best that I don't start a business. I've been thinking to instead buy a business that is...
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    INTRO 18/19 year old with no sense of direction

    Hello, I'm FauxPas. An 18 (almost 19) year old who has just finished high school recently. I don't know where to go from here in my life in terms of applying the fast lane in my particular situation. So I want to move out of my parents house but I know that getting a job is an absolute scam for...

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