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    Yowzers... 2 steps forward 1 step back

    Hey Fastlane Team, It's been a short time since I posted or even visited the site. I got caught on a rabbit trail after reading the 10x book although that book is good, it has nothing on Fastlane Millionaire and Unscripted. Definitely learned that I am not that pushy sales guy. Haha, I even had...
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    High Ticket pricing for program

    Good afternoooon Fastlane!!! Since 99.98% of the fastlane team doesn't really know about my fastlane journey. I have created and developed an addiction recovery program that will be used in government agencies such as probation and parole. Along with my program books, I include an 8-hour live...
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    EXECUTION Project was completed and executed

    Over the past few months Inhave been creating my program. There has been a lot of down time and a huge amount of energy going into this. I'm just getting started but here is my current thinking. I am in the process of building awareness. I have revamped my LinkedIn page and created a FB page...
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    First COLD EMAIL example (lets impact the lives of millions!!) Over time of course

    Hey Fastlane Team, I am looking for advice, suggestions, comments, guidance and some direction with the following Cold Email example. How can I improve this? Subject Line: Encourage U + Drug Court = Long-term Recovery Dear Dr. SXXXXXXX My name is Anthony Frankmore and I am the program...
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    Business model

    Two quick questions: Can someone break down a business and revenue model? Everytime I think I have it understood my mentor throws a wrench in it and makes me question everything. Second question: if a gov agency oversees a specific program my business targets should I work with the government...
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    NO idea where to post this...... Financial projection 1st year

    I am looking to develop a sales plan with a financial projection for my first year. what can I do to make sure my numbers are realistic and i'm not just sitting here guessing and assuming. It would be great if I can sell 8 programs in one month 6 months in, but for my first year is that an over...
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    Putting the cart...before the unicorn

    Not even sure where this would go. Plus, this thread may not even make sense as I am trying to sort things out mentally. I may possibly be putting the cart before the horse in regards to potential prospects. Although, my workbooks are not in the final stages of completion, I have other projects...
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    Trying to learn what NICHE my business should be categorized

    As I begin my process of establishing my LLC, I came to a section that asks what my principal business activity would be. So here is what my business activity consists of after all workbooks are completed. We will focus on direct sells to county municipals for Behavioral health programs, as well...
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    EXECUTION Process.... What am I missing or overlooking?

    Last week I had sent off my program books to a couple beta readers who specialize in my topics. Since I found myself with a little down time, I proceeded to work on a couple additional subsections for the books (outside of the actual content). I found myself a bit frustrated and I released those...
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    EXECUTION What can I do during some down time?

    I have officially sent all three workbooks out to be reviewed by professionals who work in the field they target. I have found myself with doing some research into the next steps I will be taking and I feel like I could be doing more. I understand a lot of people find themselves working on...
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    Looking for feedback on workbook cover

    I am about wrapping up my first workbook and I am designing my cover workbook cover. Would love feedback that can poke holes around my design concept so I can improve.
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    EXECUTION Content Process

    When I started my road trip this year I thought I had a great idea for a mobile application. Although, that idea made it to a functional prototype I found myself at a crossroads with moving it forward. During my designing process, a seed that had been planted in my head five years ago started to...
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    Just started with ADOBE XD

    Hey Team, I just recently found ADOBE XD and was able to take my sketches to the computer. Although, I am still learning this software I have some questions in regards to APP designing. When I am designing my applications on the program, do I want to be as detailed as possible? For example, I...
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    INTRO Switching Lanes

    Good Morning, I am Anthony and I reside in California's Central Valley, the Agriculture Hub. I just wanted to submit a brief introduction since I see myself being active in this forum. I am 35 years old, I am a single father of a 14 year old boy going on 25. I currently work in the Security...

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