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  1. Steeltip

    RANT What does it take?

    Hi everybody, I think we have all seen those youtube videos. The ones where such-and-such-internet-guru, tells you that you can make money online through drop shipping or whatever business flavor of the day happens to be popular. These folks oftentimes are low-level scam artists or are just...
  2. Steeltip

    RANT Just beginning

    Hi everybody, I figured I may as well leave some record of what I am doing so far. Over the past nine days, I have been working every day as much as my time will allow on my business project while holding down a full-time job. Which has amounted to about 15 hours so far. The reason that I am...
  3. Steeltip

    Holy shit is this real life?!

    So here's the story. I'm standing in Starbucks this morning to get some anti-depression juice before I go to my day-long slog through the rat race. I'm bitching to myself about how I don't want to do this anymore and am thinking about the Fastlane business I am working on in my off-hours. I...
  4. Steeltip

    Diet/Behavior Change Anti-Charity Website

    Hi Everybody, Let me know what yall think of this idea. I remember reading that one way that people quit smoking is by having this website make a contract with you and every time you buy a pack of cigarettes it takes money out of your bank account and donates it to an anti-charity of your...
  5. Steeltip

    Crazy Debt When Starting Out

    Hey yall, One of the things I worry about most about the entrepreneurial journy is having to take a risk that doesn't pan out in terms of taking on large amounts of debt to grow/scale/start your business. In your experience has this been a necessity to do in any of the businesses you have...
  6. Steeltip

    Is this normal?

    Hi everybody, I am fairly new on the road of entrepreneurship. Though I have past experience starting low rent businesses that only ever saw minor success making around $2,000 DJing various weddings and events and building a few websites for some small businesses though I would not call this...
  7. Steeltip

    INTRO I have decided to start this journey

    Hello everybody, About ten days ago I made a commitment to start the entrepreneurship journey. Deciding that I needed to rewire my brain to believe that this is possible lead me to this forum and to TMF and UNSCRIPTED which have been game changers for me in believing what is possible. Right now...

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