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    New Opportunity in Corporate Clothing

    Never has a more primed opportunity landed in the fast lane's lap. Patagonia ditching an entire market over environmental concerns. Someone will have to replace them.
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    HOT TOPIC Vaccines Required to Fly - The Beginning of More Intensive Government Control

    Can someone smarter than me please explain how this won't result in the government using COVID vaccines as a means to oppress the general population? There's been talk that country-wide scaling of vaccines will take years. In the meantime, these bureaucratic dickheads are slowly building out our...
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    A golden opportunity from the NFL...

    The NFL just announced a competition for pitches to improve player safety. The winner gets 50k.
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    Just a Reminder...

    Every day you spend not trying to reach your goals is a day you aren't getting back. Go do it.
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    OFF-TOPIC Water, the New Gold
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    Another Example of a Control Casualty

    Franchisees. People who buy into preexisting corporations as business owners are pretty much asking for it. They may own and operate a business, but that business still reports to the corporation within which sit its shareholders - who ultimately make the strategy level decisions. This is an...
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    On my way to "f*ck You"

    My app is now in beta, and has received its first small round of investment. Because there's at least one confirmed competitor on the forum, this will be my last post until I am in flight mode. My next post, if there is a next post, will be made on the inside. I want to thank many folks on the...
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    HOT TOPIC If you import from China, this may be relevant.

    Donald Trump's fresh China tariff hike startles US businesses - CNNPolitics
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    OFF-TOPIC What would happen if...

    ... someone left a crate of copies of Unscripted in-front of a workplace? How long do you think the company would survive?
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    RANT Florida Teachers Can What?

    I'm normally not a political person, but I'm sorry, I have to say something about this. This is probably the most poorly thought-out policy I've ever seen. I can't even believe this is real. Florida teachers can arm themselves under new gun bill - Reuters Think about the risks. A teacher...
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    RANT Fighting Temptation

    I got through user tests and am now into the follow-up development effort to fix and add based on feedback. One of the users just offered me a XXX,XXX salaried developer role based on seeing the app. Now, I am tempted to take this role immediately. It is remote. I could live in the boonies of...
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    Great Article on Stress MGMT for Entrepreneurs

    Stress and Anxiety are proving to be a recurring topic on the forum lately. I think this article will help a lot of people based on what I’ve seen How to Overcome Entrepreneurial Anxiety, Banish Stress, and Crush Your Goals
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    OFF-TOPIC One More Reason to Abandon the Slow Lane (as if it was needed)

    The wrath of Uncle Sam. Another tax headache ahead: IRS is changing paycheck withholdings and it'll be a doozy
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    OFF-TOPIC Facebook in Hot Water... Again

    This will no doubt have ripple effects on their overall advertising model. Anyone on the forum who relies on FB Ads to bring in business ought to check this out. Facebook charged with housing bias | LinkedIn
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    Business Idea

    Sometimes I'll just be mulling over something and a business idea will hit me. This one I thought would make for good conversation. Consider these economic trends: 1) The rise in entrepreneurship over the next decade is projected to increase exponentially. 2) The workforce is going to continue...
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    Effective Mindset for Entrepreneurs with Full Time Jobs

    I don't claim to be an expert on entrepreneurial psychology yet, but I do think the past few months has taught me a couple valuable lessons. As someone who maintains a full time corporate job and puts in almost as much time building my digital product, I've found it necessary to adopt a few...
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    Question About Pricing

    Here's something I noticed.. when YouTube releases new paid / premium user options I get angry. I had to pause and ask myself why. I realized it was because I associate YouTube with being a free service as a brand. It goes against how I associate the brand with my life when they push paid...
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    OFF-TOPIC Having Fun

    I have been working on my app for five full months now, and am making good progress. Just sharing some of the things I look at to get a laugh when the going (often) gets rough. Hopefully other technically-inclined folks can relate haha.
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    Question about Marketing Partnerships

    As I get closer to finishing my web app I am beginning to consider options for marketing on a shoe-sting budget. One of the routes that looks open is to seek a marketing partnership; in my mind partnering with other companies whose sales would grow as a result of my sales growing. Has anyone...
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    Need an FTE? Here's one.

    "I love you, I've been shot at work." Wife of Aurora massacre victim got text from husband: ‘I love you, I’ve been shot at work’ Josh Pinkard was at his job in the Aurora warehouse when a former coworker came in an shot him, among four others. They all died. If you're looking for a reason to...

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