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  1. SheikhNaveed

    Automatic Customer recommended by @AndyBlack

    Years ago, on this forum, I think @Andy Black mentioned a book named Automatic Customer in addition to Built to sell. I have read automatic customer and recommend you guys as well.
  2. SheikhNaveed

    Success is a product, uncomfortable situations are founders

    10 years ago, at Monday morning, when I was pressing the button of my pc at my office early morning around 9.15 am. One of my seniors asked 'Naveed! You need to go to the waiting room and wait for the boss' I said 'Why?' He told because you had not come to the office last Saturday. I went to...
  3. SheikhNaveed

    WEB SCHOOL Complete business course

    Hello I researched a lot to have a 'complete business course' and could not find any complete course that can discuss every thing in a small business like sales and delegation. After some research I come up with Sam o ovens of consulting. Com but his courses are to expensive and reviews are...
  4. SheikhNaveed

    Is wpstarterpack legal?

    I see a lot of face book ads about wpstarterpack where they sell 1000s of plugins just for 50 bucks. Is that legal? How are they managing their business?
  5. SheikhNaveed

    Fastlane Forum business model

    View: While listening to the podcast above. I got to remember the fastlaneforum model is based on subscription. They offer you free advices and you pay for more quality one by paying to insiders. In the meanwhile, forum is not rendering customised services, it's...
  6. SheikhNaveed

    What one most important thing would you do if this was the last day of your life?

    What one most important thing would you do if this was the last day of your life?
  7. SheikhNaveed

    This ad has been flagged in craigslist

    This ad has been flagged in craigslist and I'm not sure what to edit here.
  8. SheikhNaveed

    WEB SCHOOL I need to verify my Craiglist account

    I need to verify Craigslist using a US number that can accept sms. I checked multiple voip services and nothing works. Skype number doesn't accept sms. What options do I have?
  9. SheikhNaveed

    EXECUTION Local web design business execution after getting inspiration from @Andy Black

    After reading this post HOT TOPIC - Lead Gen for Local Service Businesses from @Andy Black I tried to have some execution and came up with this site Website Design Karachi – Website Design Company in Karachi Pakistan
  10. SheikhNaveed

    Here is the secret code you were looking for

    In the meanwhile, you have to accept. That none of your work, writings, artwork, or startup will become smart enough at it’s highest possible end-product until you start to accept, what? Until you change your mindset, about what? That, every good end-product requires iteration. The motivation...
  11. SheikhNaveed

    You day-dream a lot, right? This will help.

    What if I ask you, hey friend! What do you do for the living? You will try to tell everything you do for that, even your job responsibilities. Isn’t that. Most of the people, you meet, fear of being exposed as a fraud when you ask them to write about them or their skills. They have a behavioral...
  12. SheikhNaveed

    Is it allowed to share client's work on social media, after modification?

    I've designed some graphics for one of my clients and want to share that on social media and on my blog for free. Is that allowed/ethical?
  13. SheikhNaveed

    What should be best investment decision.

    What should be wise investment? Property or Crypto? While property is paying you $180 as monthly rental income. Investment is $35000. I own property worth $35000 and thinking to sell in order to invest in crypto?
  14. SheikhNaveed

    EXECUTION I've launched. What's next

    After months of struggle, I've develped A multivendor platform that has been developed using WooCommerce, A ThemeForest theme, and a multivendor plugin. I've developed this using my own limited time and resources. The idea was to impact millions to earn millions. After development and...
  15. SheikhNaveed

    Are you still confused with SCALE and TIME too?

    While reading forum yesterday I came to read a post by MJ where he was appreciating a non-digital product made by a guy here on forum. From days, I'm confused with the scale and time factors of CENTS. Today, I've tested a market of home-based carwash service using facebook ads. While I was...

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