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  1. FreeMan

    HOT TOPIC Computer Code Is Dead. What's Next?

    I'm not a coder but am comfortable with WordPress and HTML/CSS. Last Friday, I wanted to test out this idea for a custom app on my website that included an order management component. I had played around with AirTable before for about 30 minutes, but within a few hours I had a functioning...
  2. FreeMan

    RANT The Hypocrisy

    Being MLM friendly didn't hurt. Many years ago when I was doing MLM, everytime we 'showed the plan', we talked about Kiyosaki's Cashflow Quadrant and lent out a copy of the book for each prospect to read. We'd need a few spare copies of the book until we got the ones we lent out back. So if you...
  3. FreeMan

    HOT TOPIC How can you work full time while growing your business ?

    I was a business analyst/UX designer for a software company and felt fried after work too for a number of months. Previously, I had worked on my business projects in the evenings and was reasonably effective working up to midnight and beyond as I have always been a night owl. But as my day job...
  4. FreeMan

    Do Short Term Rentals have the risk of being a commodity?

    I just got back from a trip to Europe and used AirBnb pretty much everywhere. Below are my observations from a guest's perspective. Searching for properties It can be a painful process to search through all the properties, but if you can address all the guests concerns & questions in the...
  5. FreeMan

    OFF-TOPIC Best Entrepreneur-Friendly Places in the World for an Outdoorsy Lifestyle

    They call it the 'tall poppy syndrome' here. But I find living here not sad at all. I live in Sydney and there's a fair bit of wealth around here (expensive properties, high income earners) and I haven't heard of people in convertibles being spat on. I don't have a flash car so I don't first...
  6. FreeMan

    HOT TOPIC Have Smartphones Destroyed Humanity?

    A long read but interesting article on some of the people who initially created and are now disconnecting from these addictive technologies in the race for our attention. 'Our minds can be hijacked': the tech insiders who fear a smartphone dystopia “Each time you’re swiping down, it’s like a...
  7. FreeMan

    HOT TOPIC What laptop should a starting online entrepreneur buy?

    Been looking for a USB monitor as well. How do you find the color accuracy and viewing angle / glare? In some reviews they said it can be an issue for photo editing because the colors looked different compared to other monitors and the viewing angle was limited due to anti-glare surface.
  8. FreeMan

    HOT TOPIC Fastlane or Unscripted? Which first?

    I read TMF first and the way the sidewalk, slowlane and fastlane was explained really struck a nerve. And I'm sure if I read Unscripted first, I'd have a similar reaction to the concepts presented especially since it's written in MJ's no BS style. Which makes it so different from most business...
  9. FreeMan


    Read the Kindle version and listening to the audiobook now. The narrator you chose is excellent and he really brings your words to life. Although The Millionaire Fastlane is one my favorite business books ever, I think Unscripted is a bit tighter in communicating the foundational concepts of...
  10. FreeMan

    MEETUPS Sydney Meetup

    Just RSVP'd. Thanks for organising @Kerin12 !
  11. FreeMan

    MEETUPS Sydney Meetup

    @Adam Cerantivu - The business I referred to in my post above was the business @codo3500 and @bane were working on. I don't believe they're doing it anymore.
  12. FreeMan

    WEB/DIGITAL Discount Codes in Disguise

    The coupon code (password) you enter doesn't log you in. You login after you get to the checkout page.
  13. FreeMan

    WEB/DIGITAL Discount Codes in Disguise

    I noticed an interesting workflow when I was buying some tickets using a coupon code yesterday. I found a coupon to a basketball game on the back of a shopping receipt ( So I went to the ticketing site and went through the checkout process but couldn't find...
  14. FreeMan

    Accepting Credit Cards from Customers

    I use the Pay Pad app that integrates with Stripe. It's got a built in credit card 'scanner' that's super accurate. It's under 10 bucks and works well without requiring a card reader.
  15. FreeMan

    Steps in getting a product designed and manufactured

    A design brief. You can probably Google to find some that would be useful. When you approach a designer, I assume they will ask for this too. It sounds like you're after something pretty specific, so that should be easier to start with. Maybe you could print out a picture of the existing...
  16. FreeMan

    Steps in getting a product designed and manufactured

    Manufacturers will create your product from the CAD file. So yes, every detail should be laid out unless you want them to make changes that you may not necessarily like. Not sure of your question. Are you doubting you can find someone who can create good CAD models using the online freelance...
  17. FreeMan

    MEETUPS Sydney Meetup

    Sorry Sara. Just saw your post. We weren't planning on doing another meetup til early August. But if you want to organise one before then, please feel free to do so in this thread. To invite attendees, just PM or tag them in your post.
  18. FreeMan

    $0 to almost $9M in under 5 years

    I brought some over for B&P. They were finished off pretty quickly.

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