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  1. Y.B.

    GOLD! Intro, AMA, and a Recent Sale for $6M of

    I'll take a private comment lol
  2. Y.B.

    HOT TOPIC about stealing from TMF lol

    He licensed his ROI system out to several individuals
  3. Y.B.

    Buy a SAAS licence and become a CEO in one day!

    Am I missing something here? Codecanyon/themeforest and their other sites sell software, plugins, themes, etc.. for end users. I've never seen them sell anything with resale rights where you can sell it to other people
  4. Y.B.

    My herb business idea just destroyed !

    Actually, do you mind sharing the information of that company? I currently have tonic products I sell (adaptogenic herbal blend). The company I source it from creates the formulas with their herbs they grow (and sometimes source if they can't get them). However, the prices are expensive and...
  5. Y.B.

    MARKETPLACE USA Email Addresses For Business Owners in Over 50 Niches/Industries

    Anything you do with the list he is selling is either illegal or against the TOS of a company where you're importing it.
  6. Y.B.

    EXECUTION Launched Supp. Company, now how to market?

    FYI...if you want instagram influencers to post about your product, sending them the product won't do it. You'll also need to pay them. I recently bought a company and we have some products that are similar to yours (although in liquid form). If you want an idea of what you'll have to pay...
  7. Y.B.

    How To Read 20 business Books in 1 week - 100% Free

    Saw this a few days ago:
  8. Y.B.

    HOT TOPIC Should I Buy a Business? Is it Cheating?

    I've been involved in the online world for a very long time so I can usually spot things pretty quickly. Here are a few - Sometimes I can tell they're faking the numbers - Sites that can only work if you're pumping a ton of traffic into them constantly. For example, all these dropship sites...
  9. Y.B.

    HOT TOPIC Should I Buy a Business? Is it Cheating?

    I've requested a number of prospectuses for various types of online businesses. I'd say about close to 50% of the ones I looked at were complete garbage - really bad deals for the buyers...and the sad part is, they're going to get sold.
  10. Y.B.

    HOT TOPIC Should I Buy a Business? Is it Cheating?

    Assuming you're buying a good business, I think it's a great way to go. I've been looking into this recently as well. I can get an SBA loan and buy it for 10% down, then use the revenue to pay back the loan and still make a profit.
  11. Y.B.

    What I've Been Up To in 2017 -- And How I Accidentally Became A Direct Response Copywriter

    Not sure about sleeping on a couch but the wirecutter was founded by the former director of gizmodo - Brian Lam - Wikipedia
  12. Y.B.

    HOT TOPIC about stealing from TMF lol

    Well I don't know about that specific site/funnel but this guy makes crazy amounts of money so he is living in the fast lane. He was recently featured on,, and other sites.
  13. Y.B.

    HOT TOPIC about stealing from TMF lol

    Look at SSF… The Three Different “Lanes” He goes on to discuss the sidewalkers, slow line and fast laners lol
  14. Y.B.

    EXECUTION From Zero to One! A 30 Day Challenge in E-commerce

    Aliexpress may not be the best solution, but it's not the worst. It's a good way to start to test out products. A lot of people make a lot of money reselling aliexpress products. Alibaba is the wholesale division of aliexpress. Not sure if that is what Walter is referring to. There's a...
  15. Y.B.

    HOT TOPIC Amazon Made Changes To Review Policy

    Actually, I think everyone has this all wrong. Amazon's most recent update is going to help new sellers. I'm a member of a few amazon review groups. After this change, they both sent a similar email, revising their terms. Now, people are not required to leave reviews, they are optional...
  16. Y.B.

    HOT TOPIC Thinking of buying an ecommerce business. Any tips?

    Ironically enough I just found an amazing opportunity for an ecom site. It's really underpriced because of a few reasons so I'm trying to see if any of my friends with $ are looking to invest and run it together. There are some gems out there, but they are hard to find.
  17. Y.B.

    HOT TOPIC Thinking of buying an ecommerce business. Any tips?

    Business is a bit overpriced. Hard to gauge without getting more info. the 20% profit margin is pretty good for a dropship business. How much of it is from the site vs. all the other channels.
  18. Y.B.

    INTRO 20 Year Old College Student w/ some Success

    So you mostly buy content sites you monetize with ads/affiliates?

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