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  1. JordanK

    Moving Out The UK Because It Is A Woke Sh*thole, Any Suggestions Of More Conservative Locations?

    Everybody here is benefiting from it at the moment so theres a blind eye turned to it. Lots of high paid tech jobs with multinationals & the government gets a small % of the multinationals profits which do add up. I’m talking more about society, they are policing speech, changing and adding in...
  2. JordanK

    HOT TOPIC Hyperinflation starting? What's happening in your area? Post your ground reports.

    Value of Irish household savings surpasses GDP of Latvia | The price of everything has gone up in Ireland. Houses going on the market for 299k selling for 460k. My meal prep & delivery company increased their prices, gas prices, Brexit happened in the UK so all our imports have...
  3. JordanK

    GOLD! How to stop getting abused by people?

    I think people on this thread are seriously overreacting. A simple "Yeah bro, I'm the biggest baddest capitalist the world has ever seen! I actually just pulled up in my Ferrari, it's outside the door! The supermodels will be arriving shortly with the bottles and my suitcases of cash. If you...
  4. JordanK

    HOT TOPIC Reddit r/WSB bankrupts Hedge Fund using Robinhood

    Revolut in Europe casually pulling this stunt! My account is in limbo land now. (This was a general announcement not a message directed specifically to me)
  5. JordanK

    How do you personally shake off the feeling of making a bad decision?

    Normal 9-5 mindset: I have 'put in 8 hours work' I will be rewarded for my 'effort'. Entrepreneur mindset: If it's valuable, the market will respond. If it's not valuable, the market will not respond. Pivot and try again.
  6. JordanK

    INTRO Complete Noob Looking For Key Starting Points (Why I'm Here & My Perspective On Wealth Building)

    I have learned from probably over 1000 people, 100 books, 200 podcasts, 500 forum posts, 10,000 instant messages, 50 instagram accounts I follow, 5000 google searches, 100 youtube videos, 5 courses, 3 bad tenant experiences, my parents, 10 trips abroad, terrible public school in ireland. Do you...
  7. JordanK

    INTRO Complete Noob Looking For Key Starting Points (Why I'm Here & My Perspective On Wealth Building)

    You are right! I have been lying, I actually got told the SECRET exact STEPS from a leprechaun with a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow here in Ireland! I have only ever shared his enlightened methods with those close to me! edit: We’re all stabbing in the dark, testing to see what works and...
  8. JordanK

    INTRO Complete Noob Looking For Key Starting Points (Why I'm Here & My Perspective On Wealth Building)

    Why did you even bother posting on this forum if your mind is already made up that you won't succeed in business? You are already defeated before you have started. If you want a guaranteed average level of success then continue with your 9-5 and retire in your 60's with a pension. Nothing...
  9. JordanK

    From low wage jobs to a Junior DevOps Engineer at a Fortunate 100 company within a few years: My journey

    Great post @OutofPoverty ! @MJ DeMarco NOTABLE/GOLD write up! This thread really lays it out on how to go from a bad situation into a position that would allow you to pursue your fastlane ambitions.
  10. JordanK

    What to do with 180K (one more)

    You can leverage your cash with a bank to get more finance and acquire 3X+ the amount of cash you have. Thats how Real Estate works.
  11. JordanK

    What to do with 180K (one more)

    A few properties in the south of France run on AirBnB would offer you a significant and "safe" return. There are more aggressive things you could do with it but it depends on your risk tolerance.
  12. JordanK

    Anyone thinking of buying real estate in 2021?

    I'll be buying this year in Ireland. Looking at the UK or US into the future too.
  13. JordanK

    EXECUTION How was your 2020? What will your 2021 look like?

    My net worth is much higher than it was when 2020 started but I didn't hit the heights I had set myself at the beginning of the year. Our AirBnB business tanked but we pivoted into longer term tenancies. Making slightly less money but it freed up a mountain of time. Even when things go back to...
  14. JordanK

    HOT TOPIC Is it possible for very rich people to hang out with poor/working class people?

    If you want to be friends with anyone then just add value to their life. It's that simple? As an example, I'm 22 and have a 'small' real estate business. I hang out with 50+ year olds in the industry who are very wealthy and also have a wealth of knowledge. I'll go out on a Saturday morning to...
  15. JordanK

    HOT TOPIC The Tesla and Electric Car Money-Saving Scam

    I’m in Ireland not the UK but yeah they changed it recently.
  16. JordanK

    HOT TOPIC The Tesla and Electric Car Money-Saving Scam

    Just some random points to add to this thread to bring a more international perspective. Gasoline is close to $6 a gallon here in Ireland. Highly polluting cars have significantly higher road tax. 5L engine and you are looking at £2000+ yearly. Electric Cars have tax breaks, credits when...
  17. JordanK

    University has killed my vision

    Are you sure that you aren't just feeling terrible as most of college is online at this present moment and there aren't many social events on. You have started this year so stick with it until May and keep getting good results. You can take time over the summer to evaluate if this is the right...

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