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  1. FreeMan

    WEB/DIGITAL Discount Codes in Disguise

    I noticed an interesting workflow when I was buying some tickets using a coupon code yesterday. I found a coupon to a basketball game on the back of a shopping receipt ( So I went to the ticketing site and went through the checkout process but couldn't find...
  2. FreeMan

    MEETUPS Sydney Meetup

    I know there are a number of Sydney based members here on the forum and it was great to read about some fellow Aussie forum members partnering up for their startup that is taking off (see Insiders forum progress thread). I've been thinking about setting this up for a little while now as it'd...
  3. FreeMan

    WEB/DIGITAL Using WordPress to Build Web Apps

    For any of you thinking of building a web app, you may want to consider WordPress for your development platform. WordPress is normally associated with blogs and websites, but in the last year or so, there's been more talk in the WordPress community about using it as an application platform...
  4. FreeMan

    Ashton Kutcher Gives Life Advice at Teen Choice Awards

    Interesting platform for his speech. Hopefully it will inspire some teens to take his advice. Ashton Kutcher gives life advice at Teen Choice Awards - CBS News Some quotes: "I believe that opportunity looks a lot like work," "I never had a job in my life that I was better than. I...
  5. FreeMan

    Fastlane Forum UI Bug

    MJ, I'm on a Mac and noticed some funky overlapping styles with the new 'Post Thanks/Likes' drop down feature. Check out the screenshot attached. I've checked it on Chrome, Safari and Firefox.
  6. FreeMan

    WEB/DIGITAL Terapeak for Amazon - Sales Analytics Tool

    I have a Terapeak subscription (for eBay listing analytics) and just noticed they have recently added a new Terapeak for Amazon feature. I don't sell on Amazon, so I'm not sure if it'd be useful or not for those of you who sell on Amazon, but I'm guessing they'll be rolling out new features...
  7. FreeMan

    G'Day from Down Under

    Hi all, I initially learned about TMF and MJ from Pat Flynn's SPI Podcast but wasn't too keen on buying 'another business book' as my bookshelf is already full of business and finance books. I didn't think I needed more theory as I love to consume information especially about business and...

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