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  1. Y.B.

    HOT TOPIC about stealing from TMF lol

    Look at SSF… The Three Different “Lanes” He goes on to discuss the sidewalkers, slow line and fast laners lol
  2. Y.B.

    Need Ideas for Fast Lane? Here You Go. You're Welcome!

    Something that most entrepreneurs overlook... There are a lot of websites/online businesses that get acquired and then get shut down. Some get shut down because they're burning through money too quickly, other's get shut down because the acquiring company may just want the technology, or they...
  3. Y.B.

    FAILURE If You've Been Scammed, You're Not The Only One
  4. Y.B.

    Feedback on my Current Project Please

    Hey fellow fastlaners I am looking to get a little feedback on something. The site is The main service pages are: What I'm looking to get feedback on: 1. Is it clear from...
  5. Y.B.

    More help for China from Amazon
  6. Y.B.

    Any canadians here have a few minutes to spare?

    I run an ecommerce site for my slowlane job. Our conversion rate for our canada site is terrible. One of the big issues is that we have USD prices listed because at this moment we can only accept USD currency, not CAD. I'm sure there are other issues and it would be great if a few locals...
  7. Y.B.

    Anyone with Wholesale Distribution and Liquidiation Experience?

    As the title says, anyone here have experience in wholesale/liquidation? Particularly interested in hearing how low you were able to purchase products, whether you had any issues reselling them through a website or did you only sell wholesale B2B/on amazon? For example, it is my understanding...
  8. Y.B.

    Remember ViralNova? (Sold $100M)
  9. Y.B.

    Remember this startup? Talk about Super Fastlane
  10. Y.B.

    EXECUTION Fastlane Summit Followup - Progress Thread

    Coming back from the summit with plenty of ideas that it's now time to execute on. I know I should only focus on 1 but I will be launching 2 products: 1. Supplement product - sold through amazon, website & affiliates 2. Digital product - sold through clickbank, affiliates and my own...
  11. Y.B.

    WEB/DIGITAL Quick help by insider member

    I'm trying to find the website that lets you have facebook contests that can go viral, it's a saas - I believe iwear8 owner used it here and posted results in his insider thread but I no longer have the membership and can't remember the name Can someone please check that thread and let me know...
  12. Y.B.

    Several FB Questions

    Any suggestions are appreciated: 1. What's the optimal facebook reach to create per ad set? For example should I create an individual ad for every interest group or lump them together? If I lump them together, I won't know which one is outperforming the other...but at the same time if I...
  13. Y.B.

    Athiest Creates Bible App for 6 Figure Income
  14. Y.B.

    Help me find a theme, get $

    Yes I have a slow lane job for whomever is interest. I'm trying to find a wordpress theme that has a similar layout to: internetmarketinginc (dot) com - custom site I've searched a bunch of theme sites including themeforest but can't find anything I like. If you find one I use, I will send...
  15. Y.B.

    Best Motivational Quote/Meme Ever

    As the title says
  16. Y.B.

    Sourcing in the US

    Does anyone have any experience sourcing locally in the US? I'm working on getting some athletic apparel products to the market. I've found suppliers in the US but the prices are ridiculous, almost as much as I would want to sell them for retail. On the other hand, getting them overseas is...
  17. Y.B.

    MEETUPS 2015 Fastlane Meetup - Extensions, Rooms, Etc..

    For those of you who are registered for the 2015 fastlane meeup: 1. Is anyone interested in sharing a room if you have not already booked anything yet? 2. Is anyone planning or interested in extending their trip (either before the meetup date or after) and possibly going to Vegas or Cali? If...
  18. Y.B.

    Final Vote for Logo for Athletic Apparel/Accessories Company Thank you in advance
  19. Y.B.

    Initial Logo Concepts

    Ok folks, which one do you like best? This is for an athletic apparel company (yoga, crossfit and will also include accessories like yoga mats, supplements, etc..)
  20. Y.B.

    GOLD! I think this would qualify as fastlane (The HS kid who traded to $72M)

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