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  1. JordanK

    Social Media Wantrepreneurs & Surviver Bias

    One of the biggest issues I have noticed with those looking to start a business and become entrepreneurs in this day and age is the fact that those with online businesses scream the loudest. If you are a young dude/girl growing up having spent most of your life with a small amount or very little...
  2. JordanK

    REAL ESTATE "I'm Not Here To Take Part, I'm Here To Take Over"

    I decided to channel my inner Conor McGregor with the thread title, also the fact that I’m born and based out of Ireland made it all the more relevant. He’s a modern day living hero for many young people living here including myself. The ability to go from nothing to something so quickly and...
  3. JordanK

    Weekly Accountability Group

    Hey guys, Having been around here for a long time and falling into the wantrepreneur trap of spending a few weeks executing and then losing motivation. I have now discovered the perfect way to keep on track. Over the last four months I have been posting weekly accountability pieces on a number...
  4. JordanK

    Sales Strategy

    Hi guys, Its been a while since I updated you all on my progress. At the time I was running a Minecraft server and making a nice income weekly off of that and I continue to do that however I put it on autopilot the last few months so that I could get my final school exams over with. They are...
  5. JordanK

    Tai Lopez is reading The Millionaire Fastlane today!

    In a previous thread on the forums someone shared Tai Lopez's Snapchat link and I have been following him for a few days now he does a section everyday on the book hes reading and I have purchased a few! Well today I was in for a lovely suprise when I saw The Millionaire Fastlane got a very big...
  6. JordanK

    Critically analyse my membership site

    Three months ago I started a membership site based around Minecraft which I have made money from in the past. When I originally started this I had a solid plan for growth and engagement but everything I tried didn't end up having the desired effect. Do you believe this idea has potential to...
  7. JordanK

    How many hours do you work a week!

    After hearing a commentator on an American news station make fun of Europeans for their "laziness" I decided to look up the facts and it turns out to be true. Us Europeans work much, much less than Americans. Where Americans percieved value is in the size of their home and how much their car...
  8. JordanK

    EXECUTION Starting a community

    CONTROL Starting a community had long been a goal of mine. I achieved this goal when I started a Minecraft server a few years back and linked it to a website and forums. For the past three years I have been growing that community and running a gaming server to meet the needs of the gamers who...
  9. JordanK

    People in Ireland are complaining about this fastlaner

    I'm from Ireland and just saw this amazing story today. This guy was wiped out during the financial recession and now he is back on his feet and getting ready to make some serious money!
  10. JordanK

    EXECUTION eCommerce and Gaming

    Hi guys, I'm Jordan a 17 year old from Ireland. I'm still in school I have a year and a half left. I have been playing the game Minecraft for a few years now and I have built up a network of about 200-300 other players. In November 2013 I hosted a gaming server and ran a small website and...

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