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    Composure in confrontational situations

    For my slowlane job, I'm not a cop, but I deal with similar stresses. Let's just say that most days I have to break very bad news to people. I am a messenger. Some people take it well, others get very angry, at me. Sometimes I can handle it calmly. Other times I become very intimidated, start to...
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    OFF-TOPIC Losing friendships

    I have few friends. Remnants from childhood and school. I seem to be losing them. One gets a girlfriend and stops communicating. The other moves away and stops communicating. The other is willing to play video games, but not much else (I generally stopped playing them, but didn't think I would...
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    WEB/DIGITAL Wordpress/Website Owners - Are attacks common?

    I've built a wordpress site. It's only been up for 2 weeks and probably has no visitors. This is fine because I just wanted to try it and learn, make some mistakes, etc. So the site has been up for 2 weeks, and I've had hundreds of brute force attacks and modifications to the 4 core integrity...
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    The worst that can happen.

    During high school and college I created little value, which is why I am where I am today (slowlane). The only thing I have to show for that period is good times with friends. I do value those memories. I did have fun. However, now, my friends have all moved or moved on. So I have little excuse...
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    Having A Lawyer on Hand

    I was told that it is best to have a lawyer you can call, one you have an established relationship with, so whenever you need one, you have one ready to go. If you wait until you need one to start a search for one, you will choose in haste, and it could be a very expensive mistake. So how does...
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    Maintenance, Productivity, and Recreation

    I've found my time is spent doing 1 of 3 things, Maintenance, Productivity, or Recreation. Maintenance, is time spent doing things that aren't productive, but are things you have to do anyway, life's chores, such as eating, sleeping, doing laundry, cleaning, shaving, showering, going grocery...
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    Entrepreneur Magazine?

    Hello all, Not really a book question but... Does anyone subscribe to Entrepreneur Magazine? It's only $10, so I figured if I could learn something breezing through the magazine each month, why not. I would also like to keep up on that sort of news. However, the titles of the articles on the...

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