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  1. zander1983

    Building software as a service company and guessing each step

    Not sure if this is the best sub-forum for this. Let me know if not and I'll move it... Anyway, 6 years ago I became interested in a really really niche area of medical software (the area is called flow cytometry) after a doctor friend said they were frustrated with the current software...
  2. zander1983

    What should we sell an audience of sports fans (mostly male) between ages of 20 and 55

    My friend is a journalist who has built up an audience of approx 50,000 through various social media channels. We're in Ireland and he covers the 2 major local sports called gaelic games (hurling and football). He is probably the most well known and well-connected journalist in the country...
  3. zander1983

    INTRO why i joined

    Hi all, never heard of this community until about 2 weeks ago having seen some forum threads from here posted on the Bulldog Mindset Facebook group. I just started to read Unscripted. I'm 37 years old, Irish and am a software engineer. I've always wanted to work for myself but have tended to...

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