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  1. J

    OFF-TOPIC The end of the Murcielago era!

    I knew this day would come. It's bittersweet. Hey MJ, are you going to put a deposit on the next generation? I'm sure it will be even more over-the-top than the Murcie. Lamborghini Discontinues the Murcielago
  2. J

    A Groupon clone site? Need your opinions.

    Hello, I am assuming many of you are familiar with Groupon or sites similar to it? Well, I'm considering doing a Groupon "clone" site. Obviously, I don't want to do exactly what they are doing. I have identified a niche market with a real need. My quick research online showed no major players in...
  3. J

    OFF-TOPIC Dairy Queen Observation

    So I was driving around yesterday and my wife saw a dairy queen and naturally she wanted a blizzard. We pulled into the parking lot, went inside and glanced at the menu. Lots of ice cream and dessert choices. We both ordered our treats, sat down and enjoyed. The place was moderately busy and I...
  4. J

    Hello from Los Angeles

    Hello All First off, I want to thank MJ for writing a great book and sharing insight to things I rarely would have considered in the past. After reading his book and looking at my current situation I would consider myself to be a sidewalk and slowlane hybrid. I am 35 years old, a dentist and...

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