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    INTRO Slowlane salesman, 180k/year.

    So here's an update. As I wrote in my intro this was "hitchiking" - and it has finally crashed. The commision structure was suddenly changed so I'd get only 33-45% for the exact same sale as before. The situation was bad before that change - leads I was calling had gotten significantly...
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    INTRO Slowlane salesman, 180k/year.

    @Process Thanks! Do you know what results your friends gotten in real estate? And over how long? @jackBruh There is, and I can't really scale this operation due to contract limitations. So it's not possible to leverage my skills in doing what i'm currently doing in any significant way. If...
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    INTRO Slowlane salesman, 180k/year.

    Hey everyone, I'm 29 years old and been in sales since my early 20s. Currently making around 180k/year, working 35-40hours a week, running my own small business where I primarily make sales for another company through cold-calling. This set-up pretty much violates all CENTS commandents...

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