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  1. Marquin Brewer

    Learning to write ads

    Hey fellow entrepreneurs, I seen a thread a few weeks back on writing ads by some folks who had read a book by Drew Whitman called advertising so I went to Amazon to check it out. I came across a bigger pot of gold come to find out he has an older tape series called $50,000 dollar make over...
  2. Marquin Brewer

    Knocking on doors

    Today, I started knocking on doors. I have a service that I'm offering to small businesses that I just got involved with which is business funding. I'm trading time for money right now and I can use this as a spring board to get free so I can fast lane. This service has a team building component...
  3. Marquin Brewer

    INTRO Hello fellow entrepreneurs

    Hello it's a pleasure to be here and I'm seeking to learn and Do!

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