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  1. Teddy L Wang

    GOLD! I've Read The Millionaire Fastlane!

    me too! what's your favorite part? so far, i like the value-voucher analogy... or was that MFL? can't remember sometimes lol.
  2. Teddy L Wang

    OFF-TOPIC Time to shake things up: Universal Basic Income?

    do you have corresponding charts that map out the new jobs for humans that will be created when these jobs are replaced by ai/robotics? the only use for humans are problems to solve when it comes to abundance/scarcity. are you saying that the world will have less scarcity for humanity once...
  3. Teddy L Wang

    Commandment of Control: Instagram kills Meme accounts, teen loses income overnight

    i see this everywhere. everyone is trying to be an influencer on facebook/youtube/instagram, etc. and it's a path i dabbled in. i was thinking of going all in, but i see all these influencers getting slashed by views/subs, etc. and it makes me think of that mlm story you told- how someone's...
  4. Teddy L Wang

    Create a phone app.

    facebook groups offering services. MJ talked about how learning to do difficult tasks weeds out those who aren't willing to enter through a more difficult entry barrier. also, if you don't try yourself, then do you know how to delegate the task to someone else? not saying you need to be an...
  5. Teddy L Wang

    NOTABLE! Beware! Growth-Killing Identity Labels...

    you say that you have to do things you hate in order to live the life you dream of. you say that passion must trigger you to persist through these hated actions. you say that an end vision, or a purpose, must keep you going, along with passion- through the difficulties and hardships you...
  6. Teddy L Wang

    GOLD! I've Read The Millionaire Fastlane!

    it's on repeat. this or Unscripted. CAN'T MAKE UP MY MIND WHICH ONE IS BETTER. Unscripted is like part two of MFL. so many wheels turning in my head because of this book. it's the spark that lights the match away from mediocrity. HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
  7. Teddy L Wang

    Moving to a Cheaper Area to Pay Off debt

    taiwan. health care is practically nothing. constant demand for english speaking education professions. fast internet and low startup costs. an abundance of cheap, delicious food. nearly every convenience is local...
  8. Teddy L Wang

    VOTE NOW! Vote Now, Next Book Discussion August

    MJ, have you read MOONSHOTS? By Naveen Jain, the billionaire who's trying to mine the moon? What he talks about in there reminds me of your message: changing lives by depth of value and scale. He argues that it's easier to launch a crazy idea than a conventional one. BTW, was Michael Jordan...
  9. Teddy L Wang

    HOT TOPIC Can you add too much value?

    love this. i remember it from the book.
  10. Teddy L Wang

    HOT TOPIC Can you add too much value?

    So you're saying to look locally in person or online and see how you could already add value to people without wanting anything in return? And in time, people will pay you for the value you brought them once they realize the difference in your absence?
  11. Teddy L Wang

    O/T: HEALTH No nonsense fitness

    Go for it, man. And tell us how it goes. :) That being said, "The Encyclopedia of Bodybuilding" by Arnold Schwarzenegger (IMO) is the only book anybody should be reading on bodybuilding. He and his generation, some of who he's trained with, have reached the pinnacle of bodybuilding and our...

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