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  1. ThirtyOne

    A rose by another name might smell like crap

    Shakespeare had it wrong, the name matters. He was talking about romantic partners and not brand names, but even a girl in love is gonna hesitate to marry a guy whose last name is "Balls". So while a company name might not be as important as the customer service, the solid product/service you...
  2. ThirtyOne

    Thoughts on competing against big box?

    EDIT: "big box" is misnomer, I forgot to edit the title before posting. whoops. "supplier" is more appropriate. I've researched a category dominated by one major supplier and the distant second place goes to a smaller niche supplier in that category. However, I've found that this category...
  3. ThirtyOne

    OFF-TOPIC Not necessarily Fastlane but...

    Pretty darn unique XD
  4. ThirtyOne

    EXECUTION Watch me struggle my way through a licensing deal

    Come watch me attempt my first licensing deal. Here's the plan: Get with a specific popular esport game developer and license a property from them (it's a tiny property within their game, but with good traction among their base). Then, take that to a manufacturer and get quotes on what it...
  5. ThirtyOne

    INTRO Inventing in my sleep to save my parents lives

    Well, I figure it's time to intro myself, seeing as how I've started inventing in my sleep. Last night, I dreamed that I was looking around at products in my childhood home trying to see how I could incrementally improve upon them. Why? My parents, 70 years old next year, haven't been able to...

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