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  1. GameOver

    How do I avoid "free-riding" SEC violation if day trading?

    If I remember correctly, when you buy and sell stocks there's a two day waiting period for the transaction to clear. So if that's the case, how do people day trade? Is there a way to note yourself as a day trader so that this rule does not apply? How do folks deal with it? Thanks!
  2. GameOver

    Can I start a generic/umbrella LLC if I don’t know exactly what I want to focus on?

    I just want to start trying a few things to see what I think of different markets, and to see what kind of sticks for me. I’d like some light legal entity coverage, and I’d like to have something I could point to to get a business credit card with a specific bank I already have a relationship...
  3. GameOver

    Fastlane Speed Bumps Discussion

    So I've hit the ground running recently... did some research, decided what type of business in general I wanted to do, started talking to some potential customers and got some ideas, worked with my home state and started an LLC by myself, researched organizational papers and figured out what I'd...
  4. GameOver

    EXECUTION For you passive rental folks, how do you handle all the debt risk?

    I've looked into purchasing quadplexes and things like that with very little down, improving them, and then renting them out. This seems to be what most folks do to generate a passive income... I don't get the impression folks are putting a bunch down. So let's do a thought experiment on...
  5. GameOver

    Where to find like-minded individuals?

    This forum is a great place to virtually meet like-minded individuals. I'm looking for suggestions on where to do this locally / in real life? So far, I've had a few discussions with business acquaintances but it seems most people are risk adverse... they'd be happy to come work for me once I...
  6. GameOver

    EXECUTION Source for an Industry's Avg. Valuation Multiplier (for Selling a Business)?

    I'm at the beginning of my journey. I've had a couple of business ideas that I think have good scale and magnitude. I'm trying to whittle those down now based on my personal likes and what I think will have the highest Wealth Acceleration Factor (WAF) for me. One thing I am fascinated by is a...
  7. GameOver

    INTRO Extremely successful Corp. America burnout looking for freedom. Let's talk about it!

    So I am literally chapter one of the Millionaire Fastlane book. I went to college, got a degree, got a good job, got another degree, and started climbing the corporate ladder. I am really thankful for the career I have had and by all accounts I have done extremely well. I'm in management at a...

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