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    HOT TOPIC I can't get my a$$ up and work.

    Wow, this is crazy! I'm so glad I didn't try to take it. If it were as-needed I might have, but I don't want to take drugs daily. As-needed Adderall, yes, but not something that affects me 24/7!
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    HOT TOPIC I can't get my a$$ up and work.

    I hate to call nearly everyone out here but most of the replies are complete rubbish. The man has a problem and at least got off his lazy butt to attempt to do something about it by looking for help. He's made step 1 so cut him some slack. That's more than most people do! People note my...
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    RANT Where's the time to start something?

    Don't get up at 4:30, get up at 6:30. There's 2 hours you'll need for later. If you're leaving the house at 8 maybe you can alternate every other day to deal with the kids so you can sleep until 7:30. You can eat an apple on the way to work. See #8 below Don't eat breakfast at home unless if...
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    Buy Vacant Lot and Sell to Drive-In Restaurant?

    The drive-in has been there for years and isn't going anywhere. Yes, after I buy the land I'm free to sell it. It's not worth anything. If it were you or anyone else can petition the city to buy it for $250. Before the city can sell they will contact me, old guy, and neighboring landlord to...
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    Buy Vacant Lot and Sell to Drive-In Restaurant?

    I own a vacant rental house which borders a vacant lot of nice grass with a little cement driveway. This lot can be purchased for $250 + $50/yr tax only by a) me, b) the other neighboring landlord who used to own it and let it go back to the city or c) the guy across the street who could have...
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    Anyone thinking of buying real estate in 2021?

    In my small city real estate is quite a bit cheaper than the state's biggest city over an hour away. But, rent here is $500/mo. And I work in the big city so I get $70k for my job and I'd only get $40k here. And I don't have to pay the $1500 rent over there! This small has never been like...
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    RANT Becoming a millionaire (the ''secrets'')

    70% of vehicle purchases are financed; 85% of brand new vehicle purchases are financed? That's just crazy! I know I sound like a broken record, but, Jesus flippin' Mary, how stupid can people be? I've always been cheap but would hide it. Now that I've found books and the Internet and...
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    HOT TOPIC The road to wealth is simple: Drive a crappy car

    Americans are totally nuts the way we act about cars. Even girls who don't know anything about cars will go in debt for some crappy new car. Example, look at a 2010 Ford Fusion (or Chevy Malibu) over the 2020 Chevy Trax: $15k cheaper less likely to roll over heavier in front so better in snow...
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    Advice on Selling Mobile Home: $800/mo Positive Cashflow

    Thanks for the replies, guys. I took everything into consideration and ended up striking a deal. Here are the terms: She pays the $800/mo for lot rent, utilities, water, etc. She pays me $350/mo for 24 months ($8400). If she misses a month or two, it doesn't matter, because the contract says...
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    FEATURED! Introducing... WEALTH EXPO$ED, A Short Story By MJ DeMarco

    I started reading the book. I like it. I reminds me of how author of Economics books Gregg Easterbrook wrote the fictional short story The Leading Indicators about a guy in the rat race. Millionaire Fastlane more or less ignored the saving-money ideal that is so important while starting a...
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    NOTABLE! The Ultimate Guide On What Books To Read

    How is The Millionaire Next Door not on this list under Mindset? Even in the first few pages of Wealth Exposed MJ DeMarco mentions how living the showy lifestyle is preventing people from becoming rich. IMO, if you want to be rich and/or free, Millionaire is required reading. Not wasting money...
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    RANT Becoming a millionaire (the ''secrets'')

    Hey, girl, boy, black, your thing. We all have hardships and some situations are easier for you and some easier for me. Get that money and live a happy life and don't screw others over. Do that and you'll always be tops on my list! You're right, flying under the radar is the way...
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    RANT Becoming a millionaire (the ''secrets'')

    The thing you mentioned about Michael Jordan taking it personal hits home with me. You know how sometimes people say things that you just don't forget? This reminds me of one in particular. MJ worked hard for what he had accomplished and didn't want Cory Benjamin to think that he could obtain...
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    HOT TOPIC Is it possible for very rich people to hang out with poor/working class people?

    I think it's hard to be friends with someone too dissimilar to you. The chart below shows mindsets, not necessarily current cash on hand. A man with $5 million might still be growing his business so he is still acting from the entrepreneur mindset most of the time. Or, I know someone who is...
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    HOT TOPIC The Tesla and Electric Car Money-Saving Scam

    Well, this has been very enlightening. I have been doing comparisons of electric vs gas within a few different groups. I was surprised that people I know who work in gas car manufacturing think that electric cars of the same size are cheaper overall. Online car groups have people who say...
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    HOT TOPIC Buying a home or renting apartment

    I could send you a links for hundreds of 3 bed 2 bath in fantastic areas on 1 acre for $80k-120k. I'm not going disclose where I live but just to show this is definitely available in my area at least. Though, I work 90 minutes from work in a big city. The aforementioned house near work would...
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    HOT TOPIC The Tesla and Electric Car Money-Saving Scam

    This is why you can only do averages and not individual comparisons. You want a fast car. Many don't. If that is your main objective, then you will have to plug in different vehicles. Similarly, I could say I want to compare vehicles with the bigger glove box because my cat likes to sleep in...
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    HOT TOPIC The Tesla and Electric Car Money-Saving Scam

    I'm confused. If we don't know, what is the better solution than putting than putting nothing? EDIT: Oh, I understand your point. You say this comparison should not be made until we have more data instead of estimating. In my job we estimate daily. And we build cars!
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    HOT TOPIC The Tesla and Electric Car Money-Saving Scam

    That's really good. And thank you for actually calculating it yourself instead of just going with "MPGe" like I see pasted in car windows. I've been in a Model X and although I don't like crossover style vehicles, I should plug that in to compare cost-wise vs....a RAV-4? Probably something...
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    HOT TOPIC The Tesla and Electric Car Money-Saving Scam

    Interesting about the tires. That's something else I could factor in if I had solid data. Speaking of, if you're driving at 100 kwh battery Model X with 300 mile range, to get $0.02 per mile you'd need to be paying $0.06/kwh. That's some dirt cheap electricity and half the national average...

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