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  1. MMatt

    O/T: HEALTH Chronic Back Pain

    Anyone deal with chronic back pain or have found a cure for it? I have had lower back pain for I'd say about 5 years now, but in the past year it has gotten to the point where it is always uncomfortable. I can't even put my socks on in the morning without pain. I tried a series of yoga...
  2. MMatt

    Contacting A Potential Mentor For The First Time, Advice Appreciated

    I live in an area where very few people have money, so finding a mentor has not been an easy task. I do not mean to sound desperate in needing a mentor but its been three years of minor win and failures, i know it would only help me. I recently got contact information to a wealthy local...
  3. MMatt

    Help With Clothing Manufacturing

    I was wondering if anyone knows a reputable U.S. based clothing manufacturer? I have gone through directories and e-mailed 20+ suppliers with no responses. The products in particular I need manufactured are yoga pants. I have gotten some cooperation from chinese suppliers, but I need to use a...
  4. MMatt

    Black Friday: Consumers Will Flock, Producers Will Not

    So sales have already begun for the hectic day which we refer to as "black Friday". I had a few gift ideas in mind for my girl, so I figured I'd take a quick look. Walmart's sales started at 6pm tonight. As i rolled up to walmart I began to laugh to myself. There was caution tape lining the...
  5. MMatt

    WEB/DIGITAL Best E-Commerce Platform For Specific Needs

    I am building a niche e-commerce store which has maybe ten small-mid sized companies already in the industry. I plan to differentiate through aggressive social media marketing, engaging content (giveaways, contests, informational blog), exceeding customer expectations, have a much better looking...
  6. MMatt

    OFF-TOPIC Seeking advice from those older and wiser (moving out of the nest)

    I've recently been faced with a dilemma and I'd like to get some input from those who have gone through this situation already and maybe I can learn from your experiences. I am at the point where I am really thinking about moving out. The main dilemma here is to rent a small apartment which will...
  7. MMatt

    O/T: FUNNY So You Want A Lambo, But The Fastlane Isn't For You?

    Then you're in luck! Man Builds Own Lamborghini - YouTube
  8. MMatt

    Making The Best Of A Point And Shoot Camera

    There are many of us in the same boat here and are starting to import products and/or start an e-commerce business. If you are just starting and low on money, you may be able to utilize your point and shoot camera for a while until you afford a proper dslr. I am no professional photographer...
  9. MMatt

    WEB/DIGITAL What would you make of this e-mail (concerns domain names)

    So I received this e-mail apparently from asia, and the language barrier is proving to be a problem. From what i can tell is looks like an asian domain registrar wants the domain name I hold and or the company name i intended to register if the business was viable? There is no legal action to be...
  10. MMatt

    You Can Patent A Rock?

    So I am an avid fisherman and am continually seeking business opportunities surrounding this as I have knowledge in the sport. I came across a youtube video featuring stone fishing weights. After some brief research I found only three company producing these, only one of which is American with...
  11. MMatt

    Mark Cuban Talks to Aspiring "Inventors"

    I heard this on the radio this morning and found it interesting. The thing I don't understand is the first girl seems like every other person with a "great" idea. The questions she wanted answers could have been found by reading a couple of books or by using google for that matter. It amazed me...
  12. MMatt

    Initiate a business with questionable future?(scale has a ceiling)

    Not sure if this would be considered an "ideas" thread so please forgive me if I've posted in the wrong section. I think I have found a niche with reasonably demand. It involves a sport that is much more popular in the uk and overseas than it is here in America. However, it is gaining traction...
  13. MMatt

    Young and wanting to escape the norm

    Hi I'm Matt and recently graduated high school and and have had a descent paying slowlaner job. For my age I make ok money as everyone else sees but I am not one to settle for less. I realize that this road will never bring me where I want to be financially. I agree with mj as your time is most...

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