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  1. MMatt

    GOLD! Creating a Thriving Personal Brand w/ YouTube - A Journal & A Personal Guide.

    Interesting to watch a youtube success story unfold! It's far from easy but you have proved that's it's very possible when you play your cards right. Making content around the most profitable niche on youtube (cpm wise) is a good setup for massive adsense revenue. I have a couple virals that...
  2. MMatt

    EXECUTION Starting a YouTube Channel. Let's start getting creative again...

    I have been in the YouTube game for 13+ years, since the days of google video. YouTube can still make you good adsense money, but it's a emotionally challenging rollercoaster. Your view count and revenue can literally change 100%+ on the daily and it's not always in the right direction. Some...
  3. MMatt

    Stop wasting time finding a need, focus on being GOOD at what you are passionate about.

    I feel like this subject is not a "one size fits all" argument. For some, their passion and hard work leads to massive profit if the market is there. For many others, following their passion can lead to hating what you once loved. Filling needs is obviously the most predictable path to a...
  4. MMatt

    Is youtube about to get nuked? (COPPA FTC)

    If my memory is correct, go to channel setting by clicking the gear icon in YouTube studio, then enter advanced settings. The setting should be there to classify your entire channel as not for kids.
  5. MMatt

    Is youtube about to get nuked? (COPPA FTC)

    Well the update says the FTC will evaluate the business's financials and try not to put them out of business with their fine. What a joke. It's basically worded so they can screen channels and print themselves money on their own terms. It does not help that "YouTubers" are portrayed by the...
  6. MMatt

    Is youtube about to get nuked? (COPPA FTC)

    I have been debating creating a thread on this subject as I run a mildly successful YouTube channel that normally gets 1+ Million monthly views. Unfortunately my channel happens for fall in a "grey-area" as the FTC guidelines are far too vague. I will start by saying that my content is 100%...
  7. MMatt

    Im having problmes finding fast shipping and finding reliable manufacturers

    I can't believe dropshipping from china is still a "thing". If you are that good at social media marketing then hold your own inventory, provide fast shipping and great customer service and you will make a killing. Not to mention you will build a sustainable business, not just a viral facebook...
  8. MMatt

    HOT TOPIC Bitcoin / Cryptocurrency Discussion (And Predictions)

    BTC dropped to $3600 this morning. I am still waiting patiently for a buy opportunity. The market is still in an overall downward trend and until that shows signs of reversal, I'm staying on the sidelines.
  9. MMatt

    NOTABLE! Unpopular Opinion: "Give Value for Free" is Bullshit More Often Than Not

    I can attest that trying to monetize my YouTube channel with 75k subs is like pulling teeth. People want the free content and that's about it.
  10. MMatt

    FEATURED! I Dropped Out of College and Bought a Porsche. Here’s How.

    Are there any books/resources that were monumental in your development of people skills? I have come a long way but am still striving to continue my development.
  11. MMatt

    Seeking a free video editing program?

    Anyone try to editing slow motion video with this program? I do a lot of 120fps video and need full 120fps after editing without it becoming choppy. I have been licensing adobe premiere, but as I shift away from video creation to selling more products I would like to get away from paying...
  12. MMatt

    HOT TOPIC Bitcoin / Cryptocurrency Discussion (And Predictions)

    My portfolio is nearing its all-time low. I only invested what I could afford to lose, so I will not be selling.
  13. MMatt

    HOT TOPIC Bitcoin / Cryptocurrency Discussion (And Predictions)

    What is everyone's take of the current market? Double down while prices are low or prepare for more downward movement? I have considered adding to my portfolio but am sitting on the sidelites for now.
  14. MMatt

    HOT TOPIC Bitcoin / Cryptocurrency Discussion (And Predictions)

    How are all you guys doing during the current rebound? My portfolio is up 100+% percent in the last few weeks, so anyone hodling solid projects should be pretty happy right now.
  15. MMatt

    HOT TOPIC Bitcoin / Cryptocurrency Discussion (And Predictions)

    I have been following crypto obsessively for the last two months. I am following multiple well known crypto traders, and long-term investors on various social media outlets. What i have learned is that crypto has yet to follow any short-term technical analysis or predictions from anyone I...
  16. MMatt

    HOT TOPIC Bitcoin / Cryptocurrency Discussion (And Predictions)

    I panic cancelled my buy order on BTC@ $9500 yesterday morning, thinking it had alot of downward momentum left. Oops, I was almost dead on the bottom with my order. Oh well, picked up a few more alts soon after at slight premium. Still not confident that we are out of the hole. Sitting on the...
  17. MMatt

    HOT TOPIC Bitcoin / Cryptocurrency Discussion (And Predictions)

    ETH testing new highs. I sold my ETH at $1300 during the last high. BTC also making a slow crawl back up in the last 2 days. Overall Crypto market cap crawling back up as well. Could the short bear phase be over?
  18. MMatt

    HOT TOPIC Bitcoin / Cryptocurrency Discussion (And Predictions)

    I traded my BTC for fiat yesterday. Feeling confident in my decision. There has been alot of trading talk here lately, but what about long-term? This weeks ALT-boom cannot be sustained in my opinion. In reality, only a handful of these coins have massive potential. Sitting patiently with my...
  19. MMatt

    HOT TOPIC Bitcoin / Cryptocurrency Discussion (And Predictions)

    Sold my TRX at 5x gains, poured 100% back into BTC. Alts look to be cooling off across the board, a lot more red today. Hoping BTC takes another run.
  20. MMatt

    NOTABLE! What is the BEST "value" you ever paid for?

    A snow plow for my truck has been my best "value" Investment in a while. Saves hours of time and backache for anyone living in a climate that gets snow.

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