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    Contacting resellers

    Hello! In continuation to my previous thread (How do you find resellers?) I'm now here asking for advice regarding on what to say in a first contact email. I sell beach towels and blankets and I want to start to have some presence in some physical stores so I'm sending emails to them. Should I...
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    How do you find resellers?

    Hello everyone, Some time ago I posted here asking if my store was ready or not to launch. Since then, we launched and have been working just fine. Thing is, I wanna scale it up and find some physical stores to sell my brand and products. What's the best approach to find potential stores? I...
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    HOT TOPIC I just opened my first store (not final photos) should I advertise already?

    Hi everyone, I just opened my store but I still don't have the final photos because I need the sun out! However my actual photos aren't that bad so I'm wondering if I should wait or should I start advertising as soon as possible? Thanks in advance! The website is:

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