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    NOTABLE! When did you realize the system is rigged?

    Realized it at the age of ~18, right when I went to college. I was so demoralized I lost all motivation to continue. Needless to say the next several years were not very kind to me.
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    EXECUTION The Alchemist

    Forgot to update Post #3: Next Step: I will make a list of individuals and their emails/phones, and will be sending 700 to 1000 emails in the following days to targeted prospects using something like this: ============================================================= Hello [name of...
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    INTRO ReIntroducing Myself

    Long story short, I forgot the email and username of my previous account, as I went inactive for 1.5+ years. I have a strong idea of what and how to execute now. Some more details about myself in the execution thread that I started (apparently I should have started here again, but I was in a...
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    Read Unscripted 3x now. This will be the final time, as I'll need to get started.
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    EXECUTION The Alchemist

    12/2/2020 Update: Finished (re)reading: 1) TMF 2) Unscripted 3) The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur 4) How To Get Rich (Felix Dennis) 5) The Lifestyle Business Owner 6) Buy Then Build There are a few more books/resources I would like to read, but for now this should suffice. #3 - #6 in a...
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    EXECUTION The Alchemist

    Question: Why acquisition? When you start a new business from scratch, with the intent to succeed massively (and not just pay the bills, e.g. most Main Street businesses), you are essentially saying the market is wrong, and you are right. No matter how good or skilled you are (I happen to...
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    EXECUTION The Alchemist

    So I decided to rejoin TFF as my "business ideas" from 2 yrs ago didn't gain traction and I had a long period of stagnation; now I am ready for take-off. This year, I suffered from an autoimmune disease (psoriasis/eczema/whatever it happens to be - the doctors I visited never seemed to get it...
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    INTRO I made it to the top of the slowlane but I still want more

    First off, congratulations for doing well in the Slowlane. Not many people make $200K+ year at their job (if you're in the Bay Area, subtract 45% to normalize for cost of living differences and that's how much you would make in a medium COL city like Dallas, Raleigh, whatever), so you deserve...
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    GUEST POST NOW REVEALED! How eCommerce Stores Make Millions By Ditching The Traditional Storefront

    I hate being the party pooper who douses everyone at the party with cold, icy water after they've had 5 glasses of tequila and 6 bottles of cheap beer, but the reality is the vast majority of people who are successful in eCommerce does at least one of the following: 1) Sells an exclusive...
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    GOLD! I've Read The Millionaire Fastlane!

    I actually used to be a poster here, but forgot my login and email so I made a new account. Forgive me for being blunt in my review below. I've read both books (a long time ago - i.e. back in 2017). Both excellent and "in your face" style, but not perfect, as there are a few critical pieces...

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