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  1. Ronr3914

    Why I Just Quit A "Dream Job"

    Hey everyone, So I just quit a highly coveted job in my field... The pay is $38/hr at full rate and a full pension after 30 years. Sounds like a pretty good gig right? The problem with that is, about $80k/year isn't Ferrari money and I am not willing to give away 30 years of my life for...
  2. Ronr3914

    INTRO Drunken Wastrel and a Ne'er Do Well: A Reintroduction

    Hi everyone, My name is Ron and I am in the automotive business. I am a constant procrastinator, a drunken wastrel and a ne'er do well. Although I say that jokingly, a lot of truth is said in jest. I am fairly successful compared to the many slow-laners around me but in the grand scheme...
  3. Ronr3914

    Buying A Repair Shop-How To Find Financial Backing

    Over the past couple of years I have become comfortable working my job day in and day out. Something snapped and now I realized again that I cannot work for somebody. I am an auto technician and have decided to buy an established auto repair shop. I understand that this isn't exactly fast lane...
  4. Ronr3914

    EXECUTION Powerlifting Gym-Stepping Stone to Fastlane?

    Hi all, I am one of three part "owners" of a powerlifting gym. The idea was to be able to rent a place and eventually get enough members where we could work out for free. Although we do have some members, it hasn't really materialized into anything. We do not market the brand at all. (I...
  5. Ronr3914

    INTRO Finally Ready For The Fastlane

    Hi, I'm a 22 year old BMW technician with a decent slowlane job. You know, good salary for a 22 year old, 401k, benefits and the like. I have the usual debts and restrictions that have stopped me in the past from going fastlane. I've just reread TMF and am now going to learn how to do web...
  6. Ronr3914

    Inventing Help...

    Hey everybody, I have this very good idea for an invention. I did some research and have found that my idea should satisfy all the Commandments of NECTS. I did however run into an issue. I predict the cost of getting a patent on this product would not be feasible for me at this time. Should I...

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