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  1. J

    GOLD! The Only 3 Beliefs Holding You Back Right Now

    100% truth. For the longest time I sat on the idea that "to make a lot of money you have to cheat people and be corrupt" and that held me back from so many opportunities and led me to thinking small. Not only that, I would just do absolutely NOTHING and never take action. I had to really dig...
  2. J

    INTRO I stumbled into MFL and it opened my eyes.

    Thanks for the reply MJ. I have been calling some companies to set up meetings with them. They seem interested and want to do a video conference first before I visit their plants. Everyone is freaked out about COVID19 down here and that seems to be the reason for that extra step, but they are at...
  3. J

    GOLD! 21 Years Old , $7K + Cashflow Business - How I kicked my a$$ into gear after years of action faking

    Damn!! You just gave me an idea. I live in México and what you said about living expenses is 100% accurate. I now see I can serve american companies with my product. Looking forward to seeing your progress to 30k.
  4. J

    INTRO I stumbled into MFL and it opened my eyes.

    Well, I guess I can start by introducing my self. My name is Jorge Díaz, I am from the city of Monterrey in México and I am 48 years old. A bit about my city. Monterrey is located in the northeast part of México, about 2 hours from the border with Texas. This awesome city is surrounded by...

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