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    EXECUTION 6 months of entrepreneurship/lifestyle building & heading towards first millions execution process

    My advice to you is not to play games with the USCIS or take the visa/grace period lightly. I have quite a bit of knowledge when it comes to visas. The very first piece of advice is not to overstay the grace period or you can be barred from entering the US again for a certain amount of time...
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    Could you monetize 5K daily users?

    It may not be advantageous to receive the information earlier, but it may be convenient. People pay for convenience. Your subscribers could have access to the "information" at 6am. That way they can read it at their convenience at whatever time works for them prior to 12pm; when they wake up...
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    EXECUTION day 3 (failure)

    This. And yes, start one single progress thread and post to it each time you want to give an update. Also, let a few days, maybe even a week or two, go by between updates. You don’t need to update every single day unless you’ve got some juicy material or something good has happened. Don’t...
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    How to find a kick a$$ peer group?

    Between high school and college I worked with 4-5 small business owners in their brick and mortar businesses. Most owners of these types of businesses physically work in them. Find some of these businesses that offer a product you like, become a return customer. Converse with the staff (and...
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    RANT Financial Minimalism is Anti-Fastlane/Unscription

    Stepping over dollars to pick up pennies.
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    How The Millionaire Fast Lane and Sell Like Crazy by Sabri Suby Changed my financial life forever

    Every time I refer the book it's like, "You need to read The Millionaire Fastlane*and Unscripted!" *Ignore the name, it isn't a get rich quick scheme.
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    Side hustle pricing. What's the value of your free time?

    My assumption was you were going to freelance and start your own company doing programming since you already have that skill. There is opportunity all around, you just need to identify it. Regardless of the opportunity you pursue, almost all entrepreneurial endeavors begin with trading your...
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    Side hustle pricing. What's the value of your free time?

    Then just work for someone else your entire life and when you need more money, work overtime if they let you. Or I assume you're on the forum because entrepreneurship is something you're considering pursuing. Regardless of what business you start on the side, you may work for less at first to...
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    Side hustle pricing. What's the value of your free time?

    A company isn't going to care that it's your free time. That doesn't make your time more valuable to them. Figure out what kind of value you are bringing to the table for them; producing for them. What do they believe this project would mean for their bottom line? Work backwards from there...
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    What problems to look for if I want to solve them and make a business out of it

    Honestly, you just need to train your mind to be aware of what's going on around you, the things people say, and what triggers people to do things. This past weekend my wife wanted to carve pumpkins. We went to a family member's house to do so. Nobody wanted to carve pumpkins there. After...
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    If you had 2 months to learn a skill, that adds value and makes you money, what would you learn?

    At least in my area of the US, through this pandemic home services have absolutely taken off. In my neighborhood alone there have been over 15 houses that have gotten some kind of external or internal work done. Not to mention what we've had done on our house... roof replaced, mid-level...
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    Selling on Amazon vs Website

    I'm fairly certain MJ detailed his opinion with selling on Amazon in his books. Amazon as your sole sales channel is bad news. You have no control. Amazon can ban/revoke your ability to sell in a heartbeat, and for nothing at all. From other horror stories I've heard, they can do it without...
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    INTRO Typical swabian father on the path to leave the rat race

    Don't be negative about that amount, and don't care about what others may think about it. That's a great start. That's 6,900€ more than what most people on this planet will ever make working for themselves, because most people won't even try. Congratulations.
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    EXECUTION Tiny Home Company

    I think the accordion style would work perfectly as well. Simple, concise and efficient for finding the information quickly.
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    EXECUTION Tiny Home Company

    Looks good. I've always been interested in Tiny Homes and so has my mom. She's been considering getting one, but we're all the way on the East coast. For your FAQ page, I'd suggest that you list all of the questions as links at the top of the page, and when you click the question it brings...
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    GOLD! I've Read The Millionaire Fastlane!

    Just finished The Millionaire Fastlane. Awesome read, recommended to quite a few friends.
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    INTRO The feeling of liberation

    Greetings everyone, My introduction into this community started with reading Unscripted. The book resonated with me on a different level than others have in the past. Very insightful and authentic. I'm currently waiting on TMF to arrive and I cannot wait to dive into it. My life has greatly...
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    Just finished Unscripted. Great book, very authentic. TMF should be here shortly, looking forward to it.

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