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  1. Cancakir

    I'm "Officially" a Millionaire Now

    First, i applauded to your picture for about 15 seconds. Second, try to have less stress, it causes more harm to your body than you can imagine. Maybe delegate some work, hire a manager and rent a house in the mountains of Canada or whatever :) just get some off time with your fam. Keep it up man
  2. Cancakir

    Whats the multiple for food businesses?

    Hello guys. I know this is very vague. I wanted to ask you, out of curiosity, what the average multiple for the food industry is. We basically produce protein bars, so it is not a restaurant or a food truck kind of stuff. We sell online and in shops (cafes, small stores etc). Thanks.
  3. Cancakir

    EXECUTION How to find producers?

    Thank you ljb7, but I can find companies that are packing only. Do co-packers also produce the product with your recipe?
  4. Cancakir

    EXECUTION How to find producers?

    How does one find a company that can produce and package food products? (In Germany, hence US websites don't matter) Thank you.
  5. Cancakir

    Could someone tell me what is wrong with me?

    I feel you, best thing imo would be to plug off and relax a few days. You dont have to have experience in a field, you'll learn as you go and get help as you go. Well I dont have much credibility to give you solid advice because I am starting out as well, so maybe listen to the OGs here :)
  6. Cancakir

    If you had 6 Figures sitting in a savings bank account, where else would you put it at?

    Since you cant buy a neat property, just put 80k in dividend stocks for 4-5% return each year (4k/ year, less than 400 a month)... which aint much. And the rest to build new businesses. But don't rest at 100k. Option 2: Buy a small apartment for 40-50k in a rural area, not in a big city, and...
  7. Cancakir

    EXECUTION Customer Service

    Yeah sure, but still I wanna know now. Doesnt take 1 kilobyte of my brain capacity
  8. Cancakir

    EXECUTION Customer Service

    Just wanted to know how people with that problem mastered it. I am not there yet, asking beforehand;) Thanks
  9. Cancakir

    EXECUTION Customer Service

    Guys, how would you set up customer service as a new company with little to no monetary resources? The biggest hurdle is setting up a free hotline. Would you hire a company/call center, or do it on your own? E-Mail is no problem for most of us, we can sit down for 2-3 hours and reply the same...
  10. Cancakir

    What is your best quote in The Millionaire Fastlane (TMF)?

    The market doesnt give a shit about your passion.
  11. Cancakir

    business model

    Hey brother, i dont know much either but did you want to do this system because there are many network marketers in real estate in india? If so why dont you get in touch with them and get a better understanding what they do etc? According to that, make a system that fzlfills that need/ issues/...
  12. Cancakir

    HOT TOPIC If you had 1 million dollars, how would you invest it?

    1m after taxes: I would take 50k put it aside to use it to build companies. Some of which wont work out hence the large sum. Buy 1 multi family house in germany where i am from, or 3-5 flats to rent out (500k maybe, 4-5% ROI = 25k a year) 400k in etfs. Goal is to have 5-6%ROI every year...
  13. Cancakir

    How is His Net worth 400 million?

    Hey , this guy sold his company for 4.1 billion, and the deal brought him 325 million. How can this be? Usually, if he was the only owner, he would only have to pay the taxes and be left with like 2-3 billion, right? Could it be because there are other shareholders involved in the company who...
  14. Cancakir

    EXECUTION I Don't Know What I'm Doing: Time to Get Certain and Start A Business

    Don't start what people have voted most on, take it as a rule of thumb and see if there is a need in your area +50km for that (if it's an offline business)
  15. Cancakir

    Should I move out of my parents house?

    I am in the exact same position. I personally would move out to really be forced to make sth happen entrepreneurial wise. It's the first step for a new chapter. I know but it's very comfortable at home. Eating cheap instant meals(still somewhat healthy) and doing your laundry every couple days...
  16. Cancakir

    Anybody in the food business?

    Hello ladies and gentlemen, does anybody have a business in the food industry/ aka food production/creation? Would love to exchange ideas, advice and methods. (I am from Germany, we should not have compatible businesses). I am new to this. Hence I cannot provide you with A LOT of knowledge, but...
  17. Cancakir

    MEETUPS Germany

    Are you still here dude? Dm me if so, I'm not able to DM you.
  18. Cancakir

    MEETUPS Germany

    Hey you guys from Germany. If there are any reading this thread comment below if you're from Germany. I know MJ's books aint out in german yet but if there are a few fastlaners we can network and meet up. I'm from NRW, Bochum. But most likely to be in Düsseldorf soon. Where are you from? Would...

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