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    EXECUTION From Broke Addict to Midas (How To Start A Jewelry Business)

    Hey folks, I didn't post in a long time. Long story short: I realized I wouldn't have a lot of valuable stuff to tell until I got going, my job was getting on my nerves, and I got a tumor removed (I'll get the biopsy results in 10 days...cancer corollary, anyone?). But I think I can now post...
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    Make 2000€ a week (!) by carrying self-publishing services to non-tech people

    I've struck some gold, it seems. And the market is big enough for a lot of other players, I guess. The best thing is: You don't really have to learn a lot as long as you can read and write. It'll probably dry up, but should keep the electricity on for some time. I thought about starting a clear...
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    Your experiences with Chinese business culture

    Hey there, I just wondered what your experiences with Chinese business culture are. I registered on AliBaba to find suppliers for materials I want to engrave. I do regret that move. (on a side note: I made the complete chain of production German by now) I wonder if I did something wrong...
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    How to build a brand? (book recommendations, perhaps?)

    Hello there, I have to admit that I really don't like marketing. It's like a necessary evil to me. You see: I like products like Leatherman tools. They are just so good and their value is so obvious that there's no need to hype them (although Mr. Leatherman was unable to find someone willing to...
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    Shifting Focus From Money To Providing Value: A Personal Challenge

    Hoi! A few threads stuck with me for the past few days. It's hard to oversee that a lot of people struggle a) with ideas and b) the attachment to money. It's things I struggle with, too. Not with ideas. I got plenty of those. But are they the right ones? Someone here posted (and that is very...
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    How To Deal With Depression (Drugs Are Rarely The Answer)

    Hi there, I don't know if it belongs here. You can move it to off-topic, if you want to. I've seen a lot of people posting about their feelings of (entrepreneurial) depression. I've been dealing with depression for about 20 years now. I tried over 10 medications. I'm not depressed anymore -...
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    Making Solo Indie Game Developer A Viable And Lucrative Business

    Hello everyone, since I have put a lot of thought into this, it's probably going to become a long post. Actually, I'm writing this to sort my thoughts. First thing you'll probably think when reading this is "Ooooh great, another gamer who has THE idea and now wants to become a video game...
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    NOTABLE! What it feels like to provide value...and why that's all that matters

    So I've given the whole idea of value vs. money-chasing some thought for the past few weeks. It's true, and I'm pretty sure a lot of us are guilty: We're often in it because of the money. Not because we want to provide value. Instead, we chase through ideas, hoping to find the one shortcut...
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    INTRO Actually...I just want to be a farmer. Hi there.

    Hello everyone from Germany! I read the first book a while back and just finished the second one. And I have to hand it to MJ: He's speaking so much utter truth. Personally, I was already involved in three companies. A comic book publisher (it's become really quiet and is more a hobby to us...

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