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    EXECUTION Oilman's Millionth Attempt at Entrepreneurship

    I posted to this forum months ago and thought I had the opportunity at making my own money. I remember trying to look up businesses to call up so I can provide them digital marketing. I've had businesses fail and had people ghost on me before after they promised me xyz. At the end of the day I...
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    EXECUTION 5 months to make 10k per month

    Longtime lurker first time poster. I currently work in the oil industry. Its dangerous work and only motivation to get out. I am on track to start my own digital marketing firm. I'm posting everyday. I started programming in March 2019 and am getting the hang of it. This is what I did today...
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    INTRO Oilman intro

    Hi there, I currently work in the oil industry and even though the pay is decent I know I can make more. I'll be posting daily about making money online. Oil

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