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  1. Cancakir

    Whats the multiple for food businesses?

    Hello guys. I know this is very vague. I wanted to ask you, out of curiosity, what the average multiple for the food industry is. We basically produce protein bars, so it is not a restaurant or a food truck kind of stuff. We sell online and in shops (cafes, small stores etc). Thanks.
  2. Cancakir

    EXECUTION How to find producers?

    How does one find a company that can produce and package food products? (In Germany, hence US websites don't matter) Thank you.
  3. Cancakir

    EXECUTION Customer Service

    Guys, how would you set up customer service as a new company with little to no monetary resources? The biggest hurdle is setting up a free hotline. Would you hire a company/call center, or do it on your own? E-Mail is no problem for most of us, we can sit down for 2-3 hours and reply the same...
  4. Cancakir

    How is His Net worth 400 million?

    Hey , this guy sold his company for 4.1 billion, and the deal brought him 325 million. How can this be? Usually, if he was the only owner, he would only have to pay the taxes and be left with like 2-3 billion, right? Could it be because there are other shareholders involved in the company who...
  5. Cancakir

    Anybody in the food business?

    Hello ladies and gentlemen, does anybody have a business in the food industry/ aka food production/creation? Would love to exchange ideas, advice and methods. (I am from Germany, we should not have compatible businesses). I am new to this. Hence I cannot provide you with A LOT of knowledge, but...
  6. Cancakir

    MEETUPS Germany

    Hey you guys from Germany. If there are any reading this thread comment below if you're from Germany. I know MJ's books aint out in german yet but if there are a few fastlaners we can network and meet up. I'm from NRW, Bochum. But most likely to be in Düsseldorf soon. Where are you from? Would...
  7. Cancakir

    WEB SCHOOL Question to Copywriters

    Hey guys quick questions about copywriting. I could not find any info on the web, hope this thread helps other newcomers too. Do copywriters just text on the client's website or does he also design it. Hence, is coding necessary? Do copywriters get the password for the websites from the...
  8. Cancakir

    INTRO From Wantrepreneur to Entrepreneur

    Hey fastlaners my name is Can and I'm from Germany. I'm almost 25 years old and f*cking glad that I decided to listen to MJ's books. Started with Entrepreneurship in May of 2016 when I was 22. One of the first books I read was Kiyosaki's Rich Dad. Afterwards I read T Harv Eker's "Millionaire...
  9. Cancakir

    Stock Market Investing

    Hey fastlaners, investing 10 millions into the stock market would give us an annual return of 500k in dividends, correct? (At least in the way MJ is doing it). While listening to the audio book, I was asking myself, isn't 500k NOW worth LESS in 10-20 years? I mean why not live off the 10 million...

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