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  1. Z

    Addictions? Vices? Purpose?

    Hey fastlaners, I am reaching out to you guys as this is something I have had issues with for a long time and am not ashamed anymore to ask for help. I have a porn addiction. It has been 10 years and I am looking to ask anyone here that has beat any addictions for any advice? anything would help.
  2. Z

    Where to find good VA for web dev?

    Hey team big fan of the forum and anyone trying to become financially free is a beast! Was wondering for current business owners, where can I find quality virtual assistants for web dev and e com websites?
  3. Z

    Anyone willing to teach me skills for free work?

    Hi everyone, My name is Zubz and im 20 yrs old. I realized that I learn best while doing and I want to offer my services to any freelancer or business owner in the e commerce space. Do you need help with email marketing, I don't know how to do it but I will work for free and help you out. Do...
  4. Z

    I humbly ask people on this forum for help

    Hey everyone, I feel like I'm at my breaking point and need to change my life and mindset. And I would love any advice and help, even if it hurts. I always buy the get rich quick courses never taking action. Everytime I do some kind of side hustle I buy a Udemy course and then do nothing. I get...
  5. Z

    Anyone own an e commerce business?

    Hi Everyone hope y'all are staying corona free these days. More of a curious question. Does anyone have any type of e commerce business? And if you can kindly tell your story, how you started etc..?
  6. Z

    Reading books?

    Hey guy I'm a young male looking to improve himself. Quick question do any of you read books? Follow up question is audiobooks the same thing?
  7. Z

    INTRO Hey guys I need help.

    So my name is zubz, I just turned 20 years old and I want to give your guys details and context of what is going on right now, and if you have any advice I would be most grateful. So I want to achieve many things, I also have some addictions I want to tackle. Sometimes I get so overwhelmed...
  8. Z

    Anybody with e commerce experience?

    Hey everyone, Hope everyone is safe during these times and healthy. I have a business I am going to start on the side. An e commerce agency/ business. I think once this is all done people will realize they need an e commerce website. Should I learn how to code e commerce websites? Should I...
  9. Z

    Advice ?

    Hey guys I'm 20 years old looking to make some side income. Now I am interested in doing a web design agency or something like this to add some extra income. With this covid situation does anyone have any advice as to what service to offer how to go about it? And btw I don't know how to code or...
  10. Z

    Any ideas

    Hey guys I'm looking for a side hustle. I'm interested in maybe web design or email marketing something niche. I don't know how to run ads or do any coding. Does anyone have any advice for me? Niches I should go after, great service to provide?
  11. Z

    20 year old looking to retire by 35

    hey guys my name is zubz. Hope everyone is doing well with the coronavirus. So a little background on me, i actually read the millionaire fastlane recently and my mind shifted on how to treat my time. So i currently work a 9-5 and Just started a side hustle of starting a facebook ads agency. I...
  12. Z

    INTRO Hello I'm new, who here can help an aspiring billionaire?

    Hey my name is zubair and I'm 17 years old. I'm from a great city called Toronto and man oh man do I want to be wealthy. My desire to be wealthy came from years of seeing my mom and dad struggle to pay the bills and they even fought sometimes about it. The real trigger for me was when my mom's...
  13. Z

    I need advice asap

    Hey guys before I tell you my situation I just wanted to thank you guys for your time, as I know it's very valuable. Anyways, my name is zubair and I am 17 years old. I'm a high school dropout and everyday I wake up at 4am to workout and swim and read. I have an amazing app idea and I am going...

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