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    HOT TOPIC Let’s be real: If you're over 35, you don't have a chance.

    Think about it this way. What is it exactly that you will change in your life, depending on the answer to that question? If you are going to change nothing, there is no point in asking. Secondly, there are people who were born into billionaire's families. Does this fact restrict you from...
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    SELL ME SAT Forum Self-Promotion Opp: Offers, Links, Your Business, More! (July W2)

    Hello everyone! If you have a website where you sell your goods or service, let me drive you more leads for free. You pay nothing upfront! First I deliver you results. Then, if you are happy and if you want to continue, we can discuss future terms that will necessarily be profitable for you. If...
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    INTRO My first post - it's time, finally

    Hello! I don't really have any proven advice on how to improve discipline, but meditation helps me. Regular meditation helps more. It's also useful to do things one at a time, for example try dropping one bad habit instead of changing everything at once. Or try adding one good habit. They say a...
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    Bitcoin goes parabolic, up 20% in one day, rises from the dead

    I see that there is another global (long-term) trend. When the Internet came, it was like Wild West at first. No laws, no money/people's attention to be gained, nothing. Merely a playground. Then it grew to become a place where extreme power can be built/accessed from your couch. And it also...
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    On How To Manage Remote Developers

    Hey. I've been managing IT projects for more than 5 years and here I'll share my experience in picking and managing remote contractors. I'll focus on developers, but some parts can be applied to other types of services too. How To Choose Contractors It can be challenging to know for sure if the...
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    HOT TOPIC Bitcoin / Cryptocurrency Discussion (And Predictions)

    Funny thing is that the fibo levels from the last big move still work: For example, this drop (around 15% in 30m) stopped at 0.5 level:
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    There is no such thing as talent.

    Some say talent is not intelligence. I tend to disagree. As far as I know, IQ is a test with statistically significant results. And a big part of intelligence is the process of pattern recognition. If you've got experience in at least one area, you'll notice abstract patterns. The more...
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    HOT TOPIC Bitcoin / Cryptocurrency Discussion (And Predictions)

    I don't know if this is the proper place to discuss this, but I wonder what strategies do those miners try to implement. One extreme would be trying to cash out each time interval. The other — reinvest max to buy more miners. The miners' prices usually follow xbtusd, so their price in usd...
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    One thing all successful entrepreneurs seem to have in common

    Thanks, I understand what you mean and I agree with this. What I meant though is that there is no point in trying to build a rocket if you don't know that there is space with stars. No perception of it > no GPS and self-driving cars :)
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    Sales job, low effort 9 to 5 and side hussle or direct startup?

    Yeah, my bad. I think I can't copy/paste, since the author (@RHL) made the choice to post it there. I can, however, tell you that there is a way to gain experience both in sales and entrepreneurship. It provides some income, it takes zero dollars to start and I think it might be considered a...
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    Sales job, low effort 9 to 5 and side hussle or direct startup?

    Hello. I think you might find this post valuable and actionable
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    One thing all successful entrepreneurs seem to have in common

    As some book says, one manages the whole world to the extent of his/her understanding.
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    On How To Think

    Another thing regarding asking questions and searching for the information. The metric I use to determine whether I need a particular answer is following. I imagine what the answer could be? Usually there is a number of options. Then I consider how my actions would change given one answer or...
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    On How To Think

    1. The pull to live the next second on autopilot is just too strong; and autopilot is extremely good at its job anyway. (If you know how to play, say, piano, try paying attention to your fingers, watching them move. Whoops, have you missed a tune? There are studies regarding conscious vs...
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    INTRO Hello from Russia

    Hello everyone. I got a degree in CS for free (lucky me), using spare time to start a business. I don't know where did I get that idea, I just wanted to. Me and my friend tried lots of ideas. More than ten for sure. Every one failed though, so I got a job (managing projects which is a useful...
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