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  1. Rob Williams

    Rob Williams - Part 3 (Almost broke to millionaire in 3 years)

    February 2009 – I’m on my way to the airport en route to Melbourne for a meeting with one of the best mortgage broking firms in Australia (Investors Direct). My phone rings. It’s a real estate agent who has been engaged by the elderly owners of one of the units in the same group as IP #3 &...
  2. Rob Williams

    Rob Williams story - Part 2

    I’ve been asked many times over the past year or so to share my story, strategies and philosophies by various people who have become aware of what I do and how I do it. I’ve always taken what I’ve been doing for granted and it’s only recently that I’ve become aware that some people are...
  3. Rob Williams

    Rob Williams story - Part 1

    If you have any doubts as to the importance of mindset in the context of creating an abundant and balanced life, then maybe I can give you some food for thought by sharing my own experiences. My property investment strategies have been well documented in various property investment magazines...
  4. Rob Williams

    G'day from Adelaide, Australia

    Thanks, Russ, for inviting me to share my introduction. I’m an Adelaide (Australia) based property investor. I started my investment fast track back in April 2007, following a messy and protracted divorce settlement, during which I was slowly buried under the weight of legal bills and credit...
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