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  1. paulmp

    Flippa Listing Research

    Hey All, I'm looking at a listing on flippa at the moment, something seems a bit "too good to be true" on their numbers, not just their proclaimed earnings but also their facebook ads. I'm wondering how people do research on these types of listings? They don't have a facebook page, yet claim...
  2. paulmp

    This guy built a startup in public

    Found this thread very informative on Reddit, this guy built a startup from scratch and recorded it / live broadcast it with Twitch. This means you can watch the entire process from start to 100K users, as we all know it is process that matters, not necessarily the outcome at first. Building a...
  3. paulmp

    INTRO Photographer from Western Australia

    Hi All, I just finished reading Unscripted, now ordering Fastlane, will get to reading it shortly. I am a travel & landscape photographer based in Western Australia, I've worked on projects in 16 countries, Antarctica and every state of Australia in the last 4 years. I'm married and we have 3...

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